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I spoke in English and banned by moderator in Chinese

Content of the article: "I spoke in English and banned by moderator in Chinese"

I just found I was banned to speak in the game.

moderator's comment

Yesterday afternoon I saw a lot of rude behaviors by players with Chinese flags on their vehicles and I complained a little bit about it, such as why don't you wait for others for capturing points; why to push me all the way from spawn to the front line and let me be killed by the enemy; why to push me out from capturing points; why to push me into the river, or why put artillery on me, etc.

They started to speak something dirty in both English (poor) and Chinese. After listening to so many dirty words, I figured out why they treated me like this. Because I put my national flag, R.O.C (Taiwan), on my vehicle. They accused me of being a Taiwanese prosecutor because "Taiwan Province is an inalienable part of the People's Republic of China." The banner I posted represents an attempt to divide their country, violated the PRC's laws, and committed serious crimes. They claimed that this seriously hurt their feelings.

What they said (dirty words) to me was too insulting, and their behavior to me prevented me from playing the game normally. I was angry and criticized their government, replied to them with a little dirty words. I spoke all in English and they said they would report me, I said go ahead, please. I truly believe their report would only punish themselves because I believe the moderator knows who to punish after playing back our game.

Very soon, I was banned by Gaijin (good efficiency), the moderator leaves the message in simplified Chinese. The moderator's message generally means "Making racist remarks, foul language, verbal abuse, rude behavior towards other players".

  1. Making racist remarks — probably refer to criticizing their behavior, or criticizing the Chinese government?
  2. foul language, verbal abuse — I admit, but I only said probably 1% much as they said to me.
  3. rude behaviors towards other players — ?? probably refer to machine gun shooting when they push me all the way from spawn to the front?
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What do you guys think about this? Does anyone also encounter something like this before? Is there any way to appeal after being banned by the moderator in this game? It's the first time I was banned and feel confused and lonely.

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