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On the current Situation

Content of the article: "On the current Situation"

Recently news articles proclaiming that Gaijin has ties to pro-russian seperatists have been making the round on this subreddit. This is my perspective on this. This is not me bringing politics into war thunder, gaijin has done that already.

What happened: According to this article, gaijin has sponsored several videos of the youtube channel „Krupnokalibernyy Perepolokh„ . (Those videos have been taken down at time of me writing this, but they were available earlier and did contain war thunder content.) This youtube channel is allegedly owned and operated by russians belonging to the „DPR“, a seperatist movement/state currently fighting in Donbass

Why this is bad: Should the allegations be true, then gaijin is directly funding millitary forces fighting in an ongoing conflict. It is important to mark that this is not the same as wargaming sponsoring the chieftain or tank museums. They are DIRECTLY funding parts of the „DPR“, a group responsible for war crimes including rape and torture.

How responsible is the player for this: I wanna start this by saying that none of this is directly our fault. While there might have been signs for this, it is not the players job to check a game developer for ties to terrorists. This is not a usual situation. But while we may not have known of this we do now., so what is our role in this.;

  1. If you spend money in War thunder, there is no guarantee that this money will not be spend to sponsor the DPR. If you spend money in war thunder, you might be indirectly funding terrorists

  2. If you play this game without spending money, you are contributing to this game having an active playerbase, which is a requirement for other people spending money (no one buys things in an online game if its dead). This means that you are not funding terrorists, but that you enable other people do so, even if it is unintentional.

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What is to be done: This is a question that i cannot answer. The possibility exists, that gaijin will get into legal trouble for sedition allthough this may be unlikely due to gaijin being based in russia (idk, im not a laywer). Another option would be a general boycott, which is also unlikely because war thunders playerbase is to big and diverse to come to an agreement. Everyone has to make his own decision on how to deal with this.

(please excuse typos, english is not my native language)

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