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PSA: The War Thunder Calendar of Sales

Content of the article: "PSA: The War Thunder Calendar of Sales"

Hello everyone. I find myself asking on when's the next sale on war thunder, so in this thread, I am going to list all the previous ones that I can, in hopes that this almanac can be base for what we can expect in the future.

Big thanks to u/DeKrieg for inspiring this post as well as making a post of his own about previous sales (Now outdated).

New year's sale. (Late December)

2015 – 23rd of December

2016 – 23rd of December

2017 (In-game) / 2017 (Store) – 26th of December / 5th of January

2018 (In-game) / 2018 (Store) – 27th of December

2019 (In-game)2019 (Store) – 20th/24th of December

2020 (In-game) / 2020 (Store) – 28th/23rd of December

Valentine's day (Decal giveaway) (Mid February)

2016 – 13th of February

2017 – 14th of February

2018 – 14th of February

2019 – 14th of February

2020 – 14th of February

St. Patrick's day (Mid March)

2014 – 17th of March

2015 – 17th of March

2016 – 17th of March

2017 – 17th of March

2018 – 16th of March

Sadly they stopped celebrating St. Patrick's day after 2018

April 1st, unique event (Early April)

2013Little ponies in the sky.


2015March to Victory!

2016Sailing fleet in War thunder.

2017Rank IX.

2018Silent thunder. / 2018Hat's off to you!

2019Earth Thunder: We are not their playthings!

Read more: → changes

2020Space Thunder.

April 12th, Cosmonautic's day.

2016 – 12th of April

2017 – 11th of April

2018 – 12th of April

2019 – I cannot seem to find anything about Cosmonautic's day celebration for 2019

2020 – 11th of April

WW2: Chronicles. This is an event that gives players 2 premium vehicles every year.

2015 – 8th of April

2016 – 7th of May

2017 – 5th of May

2018 – 8th of May

2019 – 11th of April (After 2018, the Chronicles event was replaced by the Engineer's event and discontinued therefore after.)

VE day, Victory in Europe day. Mostly sales. (Early May)

2013 – 12th of May

2014 – 8th of May

2015 – 8th of May

2016 – 8th of May

2017 – 5th of May

2018 – 8th of May

2019 – 8th of May

2020 – 7th of May (No longer branded as VE day sale).

4th of July, Independence day. (Early July)

2013 – 3rd of July. Not branded as 4th of July specific sale, but sale nonetheless.

2014 – 3rd of July

2015 – 4th of July

2016 – 1st of July

2017 – 4th of July

2018 – 28th of June

2019 – 4th of July

2020 – 3rd of July

Late July early August there are various events that happen, like operation S.U.M.M.E.R. however I decided not include those as i am too lazy to do so. because it is not considered a sale.

Read more:  BMD-2 Airborne Combat Vehicle

Halloween / War thunder's anniversary sale. (Late October)

2014 – 31st of October

2015 – 30st of October

2016 – 1st of November

2017 – 1st of November

2018 – 26th of October

2019 – 23rd of October

2020 – 26th of October

Thanksgiving's sale (Usually drops on Black friday).

2013 – 28th of November

2014 – 28th of November

2015 – Didn't happen as far as I know.

2016 – 26th of November

2017 – 24th of November

2018 – Again, I dont think it happened.

2019 – 28th of November

2020 – 25th of November

I understand that this may not be 100% accurate, so if you see anything wrong with it feel free to let me know.

Have a good year lads.

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