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Recon Airplanes ?

Content of the article: "Recon Airplanes ?"

Since we can "squad mark" the map with planes in Tank RB, would it be possible to have some dedicated "recon airplanes" in Warthunder ??? This was the idea we got in our squad yesterday !

Here's are conclusions/ideas…


They could be really light airplanes, lightly to no armed at all !

How would they play without armament ?

-First, they are recon airplanes and they could "mark" like any scout tank in this game, with the famous "red chevron" or in this case, make it green to differenciate it from red from scout tanks and yellow from ones of your squad mates

-Like any scout tank, you'll be granted for "intel kill" if the target you marked is destroyed

-How to scout ? Like we use artillery right now ! Press "recon mode" and you'll get some circular area marked on the ground, you take your "picture" and if it wasnt any tank, you get a cooldown.. Some recon planes got side cameras and using "recon mode" will turn your "main view" to this side, like some sort of fixed machine gunner.. During this manoeuver, like in machine gunner view, your ability to fly your plane will be restricted or not via the options menu (at your own risks)

-What's their benefits ? Let's give them some special features ! Scout planes could be able to drop artillery strikes and will be granted with the same "artillery mode" as tanks gets (not the one with the circular map). Scout planes were also used as "artillery controller", so this sounds relatively "ok" as a feature.. (possible modules improvements : "artillery strike precision improved" or "heavy artillery strike", "improved optics" already exists and "long range" or "wide angle cameras" could be very good modules too)

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-Scout planes would be able to "scout" planes as well with their "recon mode"

-Some models could be fitted with light armament if it's historical

-They are going to be useless in AB ! Maybe, maybe not.. remember that you can still scout tanks in AB ! In Air AB, you could be able to use artillery on bases and maybe on tank columns… same can be done in Air RB, with the ability to scout planes as well !

-Scouting in "recon mode" will need some light skills to be very effective, remember, you are flyin AND scruting the ground in the same time in a locked view mode, it won't be that easy.. so rewards should be related or on par with a tank on tank kill

Overall, they're going to be extremely supportive assets to your team ! They wont be "monster killers" but "monster assists". Nearly all nations we got now had some sort of recon planes and top tier recon planes could be also possible with really fast jets and powerful artillery strikes or long range cameras


Can we discuss it here ?

If the idea seem to fit, i'll make a full post on forum with all your ideas and improvements to this idea !

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