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I an am active member on the War Thunder forums and work with other users to find Japanese sources on Japanese armored fighting vehicles for bug reports and vehicle suggestions. Whenever I see a post on this or other AFV subreddits about the Type 10, a lot of the time they include misconceptions or speculation on the performance of the vehicle. I blame this on a lack of English sources available, so I wanted to summarize the Japanese sources so people don't have to go around looking for info that could potentially be wrong.


The biggest misconception I see about the Type 10 is that "it can't be all that more armored than the Type 90 because it weighs less than the Type 90". This is actually wrong as the Type 10 in it's 44t config has almost 1.5-2.0x the composite weight of the Type 90. Here is a table on some of the weight savings of the Type 10.

Weapons (kg)Main GunAmmoAuto-loaderMG and ammoFCS and Sights
Type 903,0959381,228490953
Type 102,650830950490950

Drive Systems (kg)EngineFuelSuspension, Drives, tracksMisc other equipment
Type 906,3211,45211,4621,347
Type 104,2001,32010,0501,310

Body weight (kg)HullHull compositeTurretTurret CompositeStealth EquipmentStorage and BasketsOther Equipment
Type 9010,2541,2497,3201,3814322,363
Type 108,9702,6805,4601,9401604202,280


Type 90: 50,295 kg

Type 10: 44,416 kg

Source: 将来車両装置 research document

Now how does that extra armor actually perform in a practical sense? Luckily we actually have results from the armor tests done thanks to a popular writer for an Japanese AFV magazine getting access to the reports. Here is a table that summarizes the official report into a neat format.


Both the 44t and 48t of the Type 10 have the same frontal protection so the first 5 rows and last row cover high threat (44/48t config) and low threat (40t) transport config from the front. The high threat config gives it immunity to RPG-29 タンデム (tandem) warheads and Type 10 APFSDS from 250m. The low threat config only offers protection from single HEAT warhead handheld weapons from the front.

The next 2 rows cover the side protection of the turret, hull and skirt area. There is armor package I and II. Armor package I uses ERA and gives the Type 10 protection against HMGs and single HEAT warheads. Armor package II uses traditional composite armor and gives it immunity to 30mm auto-cannons while having unknown HEAT protection.

The final row not covered is the Top protection of the Type 10. The Type 10 has ERA on it's roof as well so it offers protection against top attack ATGMs and 155mm HE.




Blog post – that can be translated – summarizing the 2 above: http://blog.livedoor.jp/wispywood2344/archives/55605474.html

Another interesting things to note about the Type 10's armor is that at first when Japan announced it's "Nano-crystalline armor" many thought that this would be the composite composition. However it is actually designed to replace the parts of armor that would traditionally be RHA.

Source: https://ssl.bsk-z.or.jp/kenkyucenter/pdf/mnm20191225.pdf


Now we know that the Type 10 is immune to Type 10 APFSDS from 250m, but what does that actually mean? Well we know the characteristics of Type 10 APFSDS.


It's shot mass 7.8 kg, it's a tungsten core, it's shot length is 748mm, shot diameter of 24mm, but we are missing the speed to properly calculate the penetration of the round. The Type 10 uses a domestic 120mm that actually started development with the Type 90 project. This gun uses a high pressure breach with a maximum breach pressure of 640 MPa with an L/44 barrel. From what I could find, the Rh120 L/55 has a max breach pressure of 580MPa, so quite a bit higher base breach pressure. The Type 10 gun can also mount a L/50 and L/55 barrel, but there is no info on these and no plans have been made to put longer barrels into service as of now. Overall we can't entirely calculate the armor of the Type 10 when it comes to KE performance, but it will definitely be able to handle itself against DM-53 and later M829s.

Sources: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1bBFzEpjn41OzWhtwL53n8rcMuD277nSN


I hope that I was able to provide a little more info on the Type 10 and better facilitate discussions on the performance of the tank. Big thanks to aizenns and all the other users on the forums that have helped over the years to collect much of this information. I think that we have almost all of the documentation to get the Type 10 implemented in game, but it's a question of if the game is ready for such a tank. If you need clarification on any of the info I provided or are just curious about other aspects of the Type 10 I didn't mention here, feel free to ask.

Source: reddit.com

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