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War Thunder has become stale and unenjoyable.

Content of the article: "War Thunder has become stale and unenjoyable."

TL;DR: gaijoob fix gaem plox, war tinder has no changes to core gameplay mechanics for a long time, its very boring and stale. im taking a break.

After playing for over a year almost every day, air ab, air rb, ground ab, ground rb and ground sb has become so incredibly stale.

air ab is the same thing again and again. Spawn in, get into a furball, get some kills, die, respawn.

air rb just feels like axis clubfest.

Russia: shitty high alt performance in Climb Thunder is not very meta, as well as sparking guns with low ammo is very annoying

Spitfires: great turn, good climb, oh god hisparkos. most of team is bombers, not good.

Usa: Great high alt performance, bad turn, great dive, side climbing? yeah for some reason no one does that.

Germany: great climb, decent turn, amazing weapons that one tap literally anything, no attackers or bombers so its pure fighter team vs 4 bombers, some attackers and a few fighters, unbalanced. the bombers that they do have (me 264 being one) are pains in the ass to attack.

Japan: great turn, climb, and are usually with germany so they don't have to face the abomination that is the bf109. if its a russia vs japan game, oh, good fucking luck playing russia with a team half full of il2's or su 6's and some bombers.

compression is a big issue, jets that cant get mach 1 in a dive vs a jet that can get to mach 2, missiles and afterburner, hmmmmm.

it was so bad they had to make a hard br lock.

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Italy: idk

Ground ab: eh, not very fun for me, spawning in, seeing some markers at 1.5km oh yeah im gonna try shoot them

tiny ass weakspots may have been helped by volumetric shells but its really annoying to get killed by a pz 4 with a short gun in a kv1 with a 80mm pen heat from 2km away into your turret cheek thats 75mm cast is very not fun. (speaking from experience)

Ground rb: most fun, different maps have different tactics, different tanks have different advantages they can abuse but low tier heat yeeters (ikv 91) ruin any semblance of armor meta.

Still, ive burnt out and it feels like there's almost nothing between total braindead clubbing (tigor, panther, kv1 zis 5, pz4 f2, early t 34s, etc) and being shit on by others (t 54 in an uptier, tiger 2h in an uptier, t 34 85 in an uptier, or the god damn t 26 with the 75. worse gun than a pz 4, worse reload, turret traverse, armor, abysmal pen, and so much more) compression at lower tiers isnt that bad. at mid tier, even in an uptier, its possible to kill a tiger h1 angling in a kv1 zis 5 with apcr with a ton of luck. in something like a t 54? leo? in a downtier, a t 54 1949 and 51 is immune to a long 88 or a long 75 meaning a panther or tigor 2 h will scream how their german tonk is too weak while in an uptier, a t 54 is absolutely outclassed in nearly every way, mobility, gun, gun handling, reload, and its armor is usless and just dead weight. its no fun.

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ground sb? a breath of fresh air, longer range engagements meaning pixel weakspots require great luck to hit and it usually means getting on flanks, but city maps like fucking BERLIN kills the feel.

also long queue times.

There have been hardly any changes, ground? capture some chalk circles (or squares in karelia, for some reason) no dynamic games or objectives

air ab? ticket bleed, nothing else

air rb? deathmatch. attackers and bombers are basically useless in games.

every games is the same. taking an analogy from some random redditor, War Thunder is like a mansion but really messy with trash everywhere. you can see the near infinite potential. War Thunder could be a massive game, like the other tank game was in their prime, but Gaijoob just doesn't care.

Ok, time to fix some game issues…. OOOH LOOK A NEW SHINY PREMIUM WE CAN SELL!!

I know this is beating a dead horse, but gaijin, fix ur gaem.

time to take a break from this game.

see you thunderers in a few weeks or something. o7

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