A casual’s week in Prime Resurgence

I was planning to capture my first week in Resurgence from the start, and now seeing a lot of discussion I think it could be helpful to some other new players.

Up front, I complained a lot about this event going in. Regal was a debacle, but I also had significant concerns about the Aya drop rate, RNG, and the one week time hack. I can't game a lot. Wife, kids, full time job, school – I get an hour a day, maybe two. Even weekends have some restrictions. Additionally, work obligations will pull me away from the game for all of January and part of February. So, I need to get what I want from the current weeks, because the last two weeks with all access will not be available to me.

So first, I prioritize. Put on my project manager hat. As a newer player, I lack many frames and weapons. But for me personally, frames are the variety of warframe. Despite repetive levels or mechanics, you can always swap to a different frame to spice things up. So primes are the priority. I know going in I want Oberon (favorite), Vauban, and Saryn for sure. I also must account for traces. At MR17, I only have 950 max. Not bad, but still need to manage it. So the event will be an exercise in managing resources and time. I can do this.

Week one – I wanted Nova, then maybe mag. Did some expectation management going in that I might not get what I want.

Day 1 – figure out the Aya grind. I started Ukko. Ran 4 missions. Between slow randoms and a low drop rate, I gave up early. Ran Deimos 40-60 bounty. No luck. Then I run ghoul purge stage 1. Aboit two and a half hours into game play (a long stretch for me) I finally got my first Aya.

Day 2 – grind what's best. Deimos bounties for me. They dropped constantly. I got 5 in one run. I spent my evening, neglecting the wife, running missions. I paid for it some, but she knows me haha.

Day 3 – grind more! This time, ghoul purge. I recognized the potential. It was a great grind. End of the day, I had about 30 Aya, maybe more. Started picking up relics. Run a few void missions. End of the day, I had Nova.

Day 4 – did some Aya grind to recoup what I spent on Nova. Then pick up Mag relics. End of the day, I had Mag. A few relics to spare for both frames. I'm not in it for plat so they will sit for later. Stick to the plan.

Note: running Radshare is necessity. There are plenty of people running at the same time. Take advantage of it.

Day 5-7 – Aya grind! I wanted to set myself up well for the next week. Additionally, if there was a capture void relic mission, I ran solo no relic and just stocked traces.

End of the week, I have two prime frames in foundry, 950 traces, and 72 Aya.

Week 2 – prioritize again. I want trinity, then limbo.

Day 1 – get off work and jump on. The relics have both frames, so this will be interesting. With the Aya I had, I picked a few relics and ran. Within 30 minutes, I have limbo first, and then trinity. I need cryotic for trinity (and for vauban in the future…) so I grind that a little with the clan.

Day 2 – today. I want the kavasa kubrow thing, maybe pyranna prime. Idk. Priority will go to building back the Aya reserve and void traces before the week is over.

I currently have about 350 traces, 60 Aya.

The time hack is real, but it's really more a mind game. Manage expectations and resources accordingly. Most of us can't stock hundreds of Aya like twitch streamers. That's ok. We can still benefit from this event. Personally, I think it's a fun and interesting divergence from prime vault. Wish all of you the best of luck during your farms.


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