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If you have not played through HOD yet I recommend you look away as this post may contain spoilers to that quest and others.

I think we all agree that Warframe is heavily based on the duality of man. I also think it’s based on Alchemy’s First Law of Equivalent Exchange. This law states that Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. I want to focus this short theory based on that concept.

If you have played through all the Warframe quests and HOD we have learned the following: 1. Warframes were once people that were injected with the helminth strain which transformed them into what we know them as today. 2. Warframes though able to utilize powers from the void, were more or less consumed with rage and were essentially unable to reason or appropriately harness their abilities. Think of them as berserkers in a way. Strong in body, broken in mind and spirit. 3. Tenno are separate from the Warframes. They are physically frail. But they are immensely strong in spirit and are able to not only use void powers, but harness them. 4. The Warframes needs the Tenno, and the Tenno need the Warframes. This is the first Duality.

HOD introduces us to the Entrati family. Through their record we learn that of a heart that is the conduit for all void energy that is utilized throughout the galaxy. This also applies to the Tenno. Here is where my theory begins.

From the records left behind by Albrecht Entrati I believe that the heart is not just some machine that was created by the Orokin. It’s actually a heart. An organ manifested from the void that serves as a conduit to access the voids power. Remember in Albrecht’ Netra entry he says “The pale reaching digits severed on the floor. Studied with reverence, with greed” This indicates one of two things. Those fingers were either lost by The Man in the Wall during his attempt to escape the void or; they are pieces of the void itself.

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We know that the tower in Cetus is also much like a body. The tower tells the people which pieces of it’s flesh to remove while other pieces regenerate. We now know that the reliquary drive in our Railjack, is one of those “pale reaching digits” and much like the Heart it enables our Railjack to jump through space. This is why we hear The Man in the Wall when we approach it. It’s a piece of the void that brings us closer to it.

So, going back to the first law. The more void power is used the bigger the body part. This also goes back to Albrecht’ entry. Where he talks about when he returned from the void he lost his speech and his sight. Those were taken from him, but for what? What was exchanged? That I don’t know.

This leads us to Duviri Paradox. In the trailer we see an adult Tenno. But we also see a teenage Tenno bury a fresh Tigris Prime in the sand. A gun that is recovered by the adult Tenno to save his own life. A few things stick out in this trailer that are noteworthy and relevant to Albrecht’ Vome entry.

In the Fass entry we get a view of what the Void itself may look like, but more importantly we get a view of how Albrecht looks in the void when cast against his mirrored self. The real Albrecht says “I groped the ground Lodestone, the floor of my laboratory. So, I had never left and so I had failed again”. This shows that the void is capable of reflecting other worlds and places. Like a mirror.

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Another critical item is in the Ris entry. He says of himself “Closer around me, a gale of flowing vapor. Profane in color bellowing relentlessly into the nascent lack seeking all directions”. This imagery perfectly matches the image of the teenage Tenno we see in the Duviri Paradox trailer. Also, remember the adult Tenno made a gesture to use a power they didn’t have; but the Teenage Tenno does. So could this mean, that the Tenno we see as an adult is the (Real you) powerless, spiritually ragged, wandering hopelessly and looking for a way out of the Void, while the teenage Tenno we play the game as is a manifestation of the void, Powerful, strong in spirit, infinitely hopeful that they can make the world better. This again aligns with the First Law. To gain power, you must sacrifice something of equal value. So maybe the sacrifice was the Tenno themselves, and the Tenno on this side of the mirror is what the Tenno wanted while they were stranded on that ship with the adults who had lost their mind.

I think we are going to find out that the teenage Tenno are of the void. This is why the heart stopping didn’t effect them, just the Warframe. This is why the Tenno still must stay aboard the ship to control the Warframe and why when you are shot while outside the Warframe you don’t die, you just fade back into the frame. The Teenage Tenno is not real. It’s a copy of the actual Tenno. It’s like looking into a mirror. The mirror reflects everything in its field of vision as they are at that moment. When the 10-0 was trapped in the void, it was copied along with the children. What came out the other side were copies able to commune and manipulate the void and all it’s power because they are of the Void.

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This is already too long so I’ll stop here. But what are your thoughts?

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