A theory I have regarding Kuva and the Continuity ritual

We know very little about the nature of Kuva and Continuity. The Orokin would use it as a source of immortality, especially during the ritual of Continuity, where an Orokin would transfer their mind into the body of another. Although, if Kuva grants the user immortality, then why you need a spare body if you can live forever in your current one?

I think that instead of full-on immortality, Kuva only grants semi-immortality; so the user can still die, but only from natural means, such as old age. If you try to poison them or stab them, then the Kuva in their body would just heal them. We could see this when we go to the Yuevan Theater in The War Within quest; in the quest, Teshin said that old and elderly Orokin would come here to choose their next body for the ritual. There's also Albrecht Entrati, who refused to go through Continuity after his "accident". This shows that the Orokin can die from old age.

In Ordis's hidden memory fragments, we see that he killed an entire room full of Orokin (as Ordan Karris) only for them to get back up again. So, the Orokin can die, but only from natural causes.

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We're also shown that only Void energies can destroy Kuva (ie; Kuva clouds in siphon missions, the Queen's Kuva Braids, and the Kuva Guardian's Keshegs) So when the Orokin found out that the children of the Zarimen 10-0 could control Void energies, they locked them away, as they were the only ones who had the power to destroy their Kuva, or at least defile it to were it is unable to grant semi-immortality. During the Terminus Massacre, where the Tenno betrayed the Orokin after the Old War, I think the Tenno used their Void powers to defile the Kuva inside the Orokin's bodies; without the power to heal themselves or transfer to another body, it would allow the Tenno to finish them off for good.

I know that I left out the concept of Oro, and I apologize for that. I just think it may be too abstract, and that we don't have any info about it outside of the Conclave, which makes me think it was made specifically for the Conclave.


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