After far too many hours of testing, I’ve found out a lot of info about Nyx’s 1st ability that wasn’t listed in-game or on the wiki

If you haven't played Nyx before, her first ability lets you mind control an enemy and have it fight for you as an ally. After casting the ability, you get 4 seconds to dump as much damage into the enemy as you can, and that absorbed damage is converted into a damage buff for the enemy you're controlling. Only one enemy can be mind controlled at a time, and when the ability ends the controlled enemy will take whatever damage they absorbed during those 4 seconds.

After doing a lot of testing, I've found out some really bizarre things about how the mind control damage buff is calculated. In a general order from most to least important:

  • The mind control damage buff has diminishing returns. This basically means that each point of buff takes more damage to get than the last point. So it might take 1,000 damage for a 100% damage buff, but 10,000 damage for a 200% buff. More on the specifics of this at the bottom of the post.

  • Enemy armor is ignored, meaning that the enemy can have 1 armor or 1 million armor and it won't make a difference for calculating the damage buff. However when you end the ability and the stored damage is dealt to them, armor is taken into account.

  • Health, armor, and shield damage modifiers are also ignored. For example, corrosive damage has a +75% bonus vs ferrite armor, meaning you ignore 75% of that armor type and deal 75% increased damage. During the damage absorption period though, all damage types are equal against all enemies.

  • Elemental and physical damage mods are ignored. Yes, you read that correctly. The weapon's full base damage is used regardless of whether it has elemental or physical damage, but any extra damage from elemental/physical mods will do nothing. So a gun with four 90% elementals and four 60% elementals with give you the same damage buff as a totally unmodded gun.

  • Base damage, faction damage, and multishot mods all work as expected. Similar buffs from warframe powers should work correctly as well (like Rhino's roar).

  • Despite what the wiki says (or said since it'll get updated soon), critical hits ARE taken into account. Headshots also work, including the additional 2x bonus for critical headshots.

  • The controlled enemy is immune to status procs during the 4 second absorption window, but some statuses applied beforehand will continue to work after the ability is cast. Damaging procs like slash or heat procs will continue to deal damage during the absorption time, but magnetic and viral procs will NOT give their damage bonuses. Condition overload works normally.

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The most important thing I wanted to figure out was the actual equation that's used to convert your damage dealt into the controlled enemy's damage buff. So after figuring out all the important details above, I did some testing to get a data table, graphed out the data, and then had Microsoft Excel make an equation out of it. I made equations at multiple points in my testing but they were all pretty close to the one in the picture, where Buff % = 2.2812 * (Damage Dealt)0.509

Since that equation was much messier looking than what you'd expect to see in game, I messed around with an online graphing calculator for a while. I eventually found that Buff = 2.5 * Damage0.5 gave very similar results to the equation Excel was giving me, while actually looking like an equation that would be used in game, so it's the equation I'm going to stick with.

TL;DR: The damage buff on Nyx's 1 has diminishing returns with respect to the damage the enemy absorbs. While the enemy is absorbing damage, it effectively has 0 armor and is neutral to all damage types. Bonus weapon damage from elemental and physical mods is ignored, but base damage mods and critical hits work as normal. DoT status procs applied before casting the ability will continue to tick while the enemy is absorbing damage, but viral/magnetic procs applied beforehand will not give their bonus damage during the absorption period.

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