An expansion to converted Kuva Liches and The Crimson Branch

With Kuva Liches able to crew Railjacks, as well as the upcoming Sisters of Parvos having a (seemingly) much more interesting reward in the form of Hounds, I've been having a think about how converted Liches could be reworked and improved.


Converted Liches provide a mediocre and random support role, they show up, do basically nothing and then leave. The main reason to convert a Lich is not to gain a personal companion but rather to trade them to other players who want specific Ephemera or Kuva weapons.

Similarly, The Crimson Branch is a glorified Trading Post where all you can trade is Liches. The room serves no other purpose and is a repeat of what plagued the Helminth room for so long: cool room, does (basically) nothing.


I'll be splitting these ideas up into GAMEPLAY and FASHION as I think both are equally important to Warframe.


  • Right out of the gate and something DE is already aware of: Liches on call, couldn't be a simpler change, don't make it random.

  • One of the major issues with Liches currently is players having very little control over the strength of a Lich's weapon. While the element and weapon can, through some wiki searches and planning, be reliably chosen, the percentage bonus is random. Furthermore, it is impossible to boost the bonus after Conversion, even though we can boost it on our own Kuva weapons through Valence Transfer.

  • It would be fairly straightforward (concept-wise, I have no idea how hard this would be to program) to enable Valence Transfer for Lich weapons. If I have 3 spare Kuva Nukors I can toss them to my Lich and boost their Nukor, simple.

  • This does however still present the issue of needing a separate Lich for each possible weapon and element (theoretically at least, in practise you'd likely only want the top weapons). I also personally would prefer having a few Liches that are "mine" ones I have a history with, rather than have 10 or 20 to swap between. The simple solution? Let Liches swap weapons once they've been converted, using the same system the Railjack Crew uses now, but limited to Kuva weapons.

  • But Liches are more than their weapons (or should be), they have Warframe powers, something unique to them, specific to how they were created. And they're disappointing, weak enough that even at Sortie level anything but fodder will easily survive. The solution? It's in their name, Kuva. We have hoards of the stuff, why not expand the Crimson Branch and let us boost our Liches by pumping them full of Old Blood. Super charge their abilities, perhaps even augment them, give us ability trees for Liches, allow them to use Helminth abilities, the possibilities are endless. This could also be a good use for Kuva for those players who dislike or don't engage with the Riven system.

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  • Just as important as gameplay (at least to me) is fashion, and we have zero control when it comes to Liches, all we can influence is a basic color scheme and possible Ephemera, as well as the body type our future Lich will have. And the head that adorns their shoulder.

  • All the various armors, accessories and coloration is up to chance. Now, this does have a certain element of fun, it's cool that Liches are varied and (fairly) unique when it comes to looks, I'm by no means against that. But I would also like to give my Lich a change of clothes once in a while, a new helmet, a cooler cape, maybe one of those cool Kuva eye patches. Some with Ephemera, my very first Lich has been with me since the system released, but he has no Ephemera, and it wouldn't feel right to replace him just because the new guy looks cooler.

  • The solution, and also a completely new reward loop for Liches, is to make vanquished Liches drop (some of) their armor. If I face off against a Lich and manage to best them, why not let me tear those armor pieces off to present to my loyal companion? Have this new helmet, that blood will clean right off in no time!

  • Same with Ephemera, our pets can equip them, why can't the beings they originally came from? Limit it to their respective element if need be but why not let me clad them in fire or ice?

  • And this can be expanded upon for other areas of the game, maybe it's a little weird that my buddy still has my severed head on his shoulder, but what if I let him wear the Stalker's head instead? The Jackal's head? Vay Hek's? Another reason to go back to some bosses you may have last fought years ago.

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And where would all this Fashion and equipping happen? Why in the Crimson Branch of course, the room already specifically tailored for Liches, the concept of them is so cool, and I really would like more control over our wrinkly buddies.


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