Blending Talons and Marked for Death are still buggy

Content of the article: "Blending Talons and Marked for Death are still buggy"

So the new Garuda augment blending talons and the helminth abillity Marked for Death are both still bugged to varying degrees.

First Blending Talons since thats more recent and thus the point of interest for most people reading this post:

In Hotfix 29.6.4 DE made the following change 'Fixed Garuda’s Blending Talons Augment Mod not hitting enemies behind you in the Range indicated.' and this is true however the behaviour of the abillity still appears to be line of sight based; take the following scenario which you can easily repeat yourself.

Load up 20 enemies in ballroom simulacrum, use Dread Mirror on one of them to build up some damage, cast Seeking Talons with the Blending Talons augment then use then use the hold cast of Dread Mirror to hit the entire group with an AOE. Then look left and watch the enemies die, then turn around and look at the other half of the enemies.

What you would expect to happen:
You watch the enemies die from slash procs, then turn around to find all the enemies behind you already dead.

What actually happens:
You watch the enemies die from slash procs, then turn around to find all the enemies behind you completely unharmed but once you look at them the slash procs suddenly appear and tick down to kill them.

As we can see Blending Talons is still bugged to be line of sight based causing it to now proc enemies in the full radius but only actually apply its effect when they are looked at. I'm sure someone here can abuse this behaviour to break everything but for those of us looking for an AOE slash attack its still an unhelpful and unintuative behaviour.

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And now my Ted Talk on how Marked for Death (M4D) is still bugged that I've pinned onto a more popular topic to con you all into reading.

The crux is that in hotfix 29.1 DE made several changes to M4D including the following.

  • Fixed Mods applying twice to the Marked for Death Damage portion dealt in the AOE.
  • Removed Critical Chance from Marked for Death radial AOE.

Additionally this was explained by the devs as preventing certain mods from double dipping and was indeed making the AOE insanely powerful, however the implementation was (and no offense to DE… well a little) half assed. Specifically before the change crit chance was applying twice to the initial damage of the AOE but applying exactly as intended to the transfered status procs. Post change damage is working precisely as intended to the initial AOE but any transferred status procs are completely stripped of any crit. It seems DE saw the initial AOE double dipping and simply removed one layer of crit from the entire abillity leaving the status procs with none at all.

The result is that for initial AOE Build A will do less damage than Build B just as intended, good for weapons like fragor prime. But when status procs are applied such as is the case for heavy attack/slash builds; builds A and B will actually proc identical status procs on the enemies hit by the AOE as the crit is totally ignored.

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This has led to a lot of anger over the abillity being too heavily nerfed when in fact the behaviour is almost certainly unintended as during a subsiquent dev stream (or maybe the same one) the devs specifically mentioned an intended synergy between M4D and heavy attack builds and spreading status.

In the meantime finisher multipliers do still apply so a Dizzying Rounds Bronco or Zakti setting up for rapier finishers will still allow for mass nuking via transfered slash procs.

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