Call of the Tempestarii: Hotfix 30.0.6


Call of the Tempestarii: Hotfix 30.0.6


  • Swapped the crafting requirement of Control Module for Gallium in Rhino Systems Blueprint to ease early player acquisition.

  • Polished some of Mirage Oneiro’s custom weapon idle animations.

  • Added a ‘None’ option to Backdrops in the Dojo so you can go back to default.

Sevagoth Changes & Fixes:

7 days since the release of Call of the Tempestarii & our newest Warframe, Sevagoth! Based on some great community feedback we have a few changes below:

  • Increased Sevagoth’s Armor from 110 to 150.

  • Added functionality to now ‘Hold’ Sevagoth’s Reap on cast to speed up the Shadow by 2x.

  • Made improvements towards Sevagoth’s Reap movement to alleviate the Shadow becoming stuck in numerous situations. He may still get stuck in some cases, but his movement should be less jerky and should no longer try to dig his head into a wall.

  • Sevagoth’s Gloom now consumes 0.75 Energy per second (base) for each enemy within Glooms range up to a maximum of 10 enemies. Additional enemies in the radius will be slowed, but not increase the cost. Equip Efficiency Mods (Streamline, etc) to reduce!

  • Added custom sound when entering Sevagoth’ pre-death Tombstone.

  • Fixed Sevagoth’s Shadow breaking Railjack Battle Mods icon and button callout.

  • Fixed Sevagoth gaining permanent invisibility if temporary effect expires while in Shadow form.

  • Another fix towards Sevagoth not going into Shadow form after death if Sevagoth previously died in Archwing.

  • Fixed incorrect loadout showing when Mod Linking a loadout for Sevagoth's Shadow.

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Fixes :

  • Fixed a crash occurring if your real world headset was unplugged/reconnected during a mission.

  • Fixed a functionality loss and game freeze when exiting the Railjack as a cinematic starts.

  • Fixed a functionality loss when comparing Armaments/Components with a controller in the Railjack configuration screen.

  • Fixed (for real) an exploit in Assassinate Bounty missions in the Orb Vallis.

  • Fixed Clients not seeing Crew mates if they joined while the mission was in progress and the Crew mate was on the Turret.

  • Fixed progression stopper in the Kuva Fortress tileset if a Client joins the mission after the initial gate is opened.

  • Fixed rapidly selecting between weapon options during the Awakening tutorial will result in temporary weapon functionality loss.

  • Fixed Railjack enemies not triggering Void Sinks.

  • Fixed ability to equip the Synth Charge Mod to Epitaph.

    • Epitaph does not meet the magazine size requirement for Synth Charge.
  • Fixed cases of waypoint markers breaking when in Archwing or Titania’s Razorwing, notably on Deimos.

  • Fixed rare case of having negative Argon Crystals.

  • Fixed Cambion Drift Esophage fast-travel screen fade being applied to all players (not just the player using it).

  • Fixed Client FoV settings getting reset after using Sevagoth’s Shadow.

  • Fixed the "Reset Skills" button not resetting the Crew member's Competency points when using a controller.

  • Fixed the Plains of Eidolon ‘Capture the Grineer Commander’ bonus objective failing without players actually killing any other enemies.

  • Fixed the Plains of Eidolon ‘Drone Escort’ Drone starting to move without hacking it.

  • Fixed Tusk Heavy Gunners aiming into the ground sometimes with their grattler and not swapping back to it from their Kohmak when you put some distance between you.

  • Fixed cases of Tau Resist not reducing damage against Sentients at all.

  • Fixed causing self damage when using the Sigma & Octantis Heavy Attack while airborne.

  • Fixed Ironbride Mod screen displaying incorrectly when having Khora equipped.

  • Fixed lingering damage fields from mind controlled NPCs (eg. Napalm's fire effect) fail to damage anyone.

  • Fixed the coolant/core cell being shown as inserted in the wrong place during Corpus Ship Sabotage missions.

  • Fixed missing geometry sections along the spine of the Mirage Oneiro Skin.

  • Fixed a hitch during the ‘Awakening’ Quest.

  • Fixed Gauss’ Redline meter sound plays repeatedly if your drain & fill rates are close enough to keep it cycling back and forth around the redline.

  • Fixed Eidolon spawn sound continuing to play if entering Cetus while spawn / despawn is happening.

  • Fixed missing dialog during some Vitruvian cut scenes.

  • Fixed Nova Rifle animation having unnatural movements.

  • Fixed Darvo calling out for your Secondary weapon during the Vor’s Prize Quest despite not actually being able to by design.

  • Fixed seeing Thermia Fractures in the World State Window/Navigation panel without having the Vox Solaris Quest complete.

  • Fixed a script error when loading into a Void Storm just before it expired.

  • Fixed numerous script errors when spawning a Necramech.

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This action was performed automatically, if you see any mistakes, please tag /u/desmaraisp, he'll fix them. Here is my github


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