Console Orphix Venom: don’t have your own mech? Here’s how to help.

If you didn't know, you don't need your own mech to participate! The only requirements are to have completed quests "The War Within" (MR5) and "Heart of Deimos."

Father leaves renter mechs around for you to use. They're unmodded so they don't do much damage and are slow, but that's okay! There's still plenty you can do to help.

Most important thing is to learn the pattern! After 123, then it's usually 312213. Sometimes it's 321123. Teach it to others, tag the next spot. This will hold true unless you get two Orphixes at once, in which case you probably want to extract anyway. On that note, extraction is always off of 2.

If you don't know the pattern, you'll be spending all your time getting from one location to the other and not helping or fighting. Speaking of which, learn to and do use the boost (sprint). It can be controlled with the movement…buttons?…stick? Whatever your equivalent to a and d are. Not the camera controls.

You're not going to be a big damage dealer, so your role is support. Take out resonators, which you can usually one shot with melee or slam attacks. Mausolon takes too long. Melee recovers faster, but is more likely to need to be repeated every once in a while. Learn where the hard to get to or hard to find ones are and go after those first. Pay attention to where your squad mates are going and head for another.

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The next biggest support you can provide is energy orbs for mechs. No pizza party for these guys. The best bet is Hildryn's 4, built for range followed by duration with low strength. Alternatively, there's Gara's 3 with the Spectrosiphon augment mod or Protea's 3. Make sure to park your frame outside the resonator field so it doesn't get disabled and can keep generating energy orbs. The best spot is between where you are and where you're going next.

Healing for mechs is pretty limited, but the rare aura mod Combat Discipline on your Warframe can heal your mech for every kill. I've heard both yes and no on Rejuvenation, haven't tried it myself. Deimos pets are best: a Vizier Predasite with the Iatric Mycelium mod or any Vulpaphyla with the Martyr Symbiosis mod. Bonewidow can also heal with her 1, which can't be done while 2 is active. Worst case scenario your mech dies and you grab another or spend a bit in spoiler mode where you're more agile and your void blast can usually one shot resonators.

That brings me to the renter mechs. There's Voidrig and Bonewidow. You might not always get much of a choice, and each has their strengths and weaknesses. Voidrig's shield is 360 whereas Bonewidow's is only frontal, but the trade-off is that Bonewidow can heal. Each has their own exalted weapon to deal more damage.

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A little off topic, but for rewards, I recommend Ceti Lacera = Basmu > Arcane Energize > Arcane Grace > Arcane Barrier.

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