Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack: Hotfix 29.10.3


Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack: Hotfix 29.10.3

Our team is working on fixes of all kinds for our third Hotfix since Friday’s release. While we focus on fixes and functionality, we will be reading and collecting feedback in parallel for review and discussion.

As we continue to read Feedback and collect Bugs, our public Trello board will be updated: https://trello.com/b/K34ACrAu/pc-update-29100-bug-feedback-tracking

Railjack Changes & Fixes:

  • Added new objective marker icon for Optional Railjack objectives to help differentiate them from core mission objectives.

  • The Railjack Tactical Menu teleport markers now display their respective location names (Bridge, Forge, etc).

  • Reduced the exploding FX alive time for the Crewship interior to prevent possibly leaking FX and constant screen shaking.

  • Increased camera zoom and rotations on the Corpus Crewship.

  • Fixed rare DirectX 12 crash occurring when viewing the Intrinsics screen.

  • Fixed a rare crash related to loading into a Railjack mission and a Crewship spawned.

  • Fixed crashing upon having Crew members Repair at the same time that the Railjack reaches Critical Breach failure.

  • Fixed a crash occurring when using the Archwing Slingshot.

  • Fixed crashing during the Railjack space loading tunnel.

  • Fixed a functionality loss that could happen if the player aborted mid-mounting of a Turret.

  • Fixed Corpus Gox and Weaver Railjack enemies not dropping their Wreckage rewards if killed by the Railjack. If Gox was killed by a player in Archwing the reward was given successfully.

    • This also fixes the actual reward drop not having the proper purple marker.
  • Fixed Onslaught Matrix stacking when you repeatedly equip it in the Plexus.

  • Fixed Ordnance and Forward Artillery becoming locked up and not firing due to Fire Hazards on the Railjack.

  • Fixed Client Railjack Ammo not receiving full ammo load at mission start if you launch a mission from the Dojo

    • Not yet resolved for launching a mission from the Orbiter.
  • Fixed double Host migrations resulting in the remaining players to be teleported to the Capital Ship as the Operator.

  • Fixed Channeled Warframe Abilities (Oberon’s Renewal, etc) gaining Energy through Energy regeneration through Zenurik Energizing Dash or Energy Siphon. As per the norm, Energy regeneration is blocked if you are Channeling an Ability.

  • Fixed Forward Artillery parts disappearing when mounted.

  • Fixed Carcinnox, Cryophon, and Laith shooting with about half the frequency of its potential when manned by a Crew member.

  • Fixed being in your Necramech when Transferring to your Operator right as you exited the Railjack.

  • Fixed Railjack piloted by a Crew member staying stationary in Multiplayer if some players are on the Railjack and others are outside

  • Fixed Railjack Crew members still talking after they’ve died.

  • Fixed ability to activate Railjack Battle Mods while in the space loading tunnel.

  • Fixed Railjack stats using the wrong Damage types when equipped with the Orgone Tuning Matrix.

  • Fixed some Crew members aligned with Perrin Sequence having their default Bo weapon sticking through their body.

  • Fixed the Tactical Menu Crew Role selection not filling the screen when using reduced Menu Scale.

  • Fixed Crew role option appearing for Kiva Lich crewmates in the Tactical Menu.

  • Fixed Railjack Turrets not showing dynamic Energy cost for Battle Mods.

  • Fixed Railjack node ‘Arc Silver’ missing the small diamond marker in the Star Chart.

  • Fixed missing UI when 2 different Railjack objectives are happening at the same time.

  • Fixed Research 'prerequisite' label not being localized.

  • Fixed a script error that would occur when entering the Railjack space loading tunnel and leaving certain types of Corpus hazards behind.

  • Fixed a script error when attempting to pilot an enemy Corpus Crewship.

  • Fixed a rare script error occurring when returning to the Dry Dock as a Client.

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  • 2 new Kuva Lich personalities have snuck their way into the game ahead of schedule! Enjoy these new taunts, introductions, and general Lich insults from your next 2 besties!

    • Also fixes incorrect subtitles for some Kuva Lich barks.

Changes :

  • Removed Thai localization option from the Launcher – it will be live when it’s ready!


  • Made a micro-optimization to Affinity notifications.

Fixes :

  • Fixed becoming stuck on the End of Mission screen after a mission due to Host/Client attempting disconnects at the same time.

  • Fixed a few rare DirectX 12 crashes.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when Alt-Tabbing out of the game during a Sanctuary Onslaught mission.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur after completing a Bounty.

  • Fixed Necramech Exalted weapon (Arquebex, Iron Bride) not accumulating Affinity.

    • Still investigating said Affinity not appearing in the End of Mission screen (UI bug).
  • Fixed Codex scans not registering if you had a Vulpaphyla/Predasite equipped.

  • Fixed the Bubonico having extra large projectiles if they hit scaled up enemies (Exploiter Orb).

  • Fixed inability to Trade the Athodai Blueprint and its components.

  • Fixed inability to Trade the Nautilus Blueprint.

  • Fixed jagged edges on the Zephyr Harrier Skin.

  • Fixed the Sortie ‘Missions Completed’ counter in the World State Window not functioning correctly.

  • Fixed Bonus Void Trace icon in the Void Fissure Reward selection screen being tinted the wrong color.

  • Fixed the chosen Energy color not applying properly to double jump/bullet jump/etc FX.

  • Fixed greeting dialog for Hai-Luk, Suumbaat, Nakak and Teasonai following the player when leaving the merchant instead of playing positionally.

  • Fixed some sounds continuing to play when closing Nightwave dioramas quickly after opening.

  • Fixed volume levels being held down too long after leaving the Arsenal menu.

  • Fixed a script error that could occur when joining a someone doing the Mask of the Revenant Quest.

  • Fixed a script error if a Kuva Lich tried to play his "fear of space travel" reaction outside of a mission.

  • Fixed a likely harmless script error that could occur after defeating the Exploiter Orb.

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Missed Fix from Hotfix 29.10.2

  • Fixed respective Railjack node not unlocking after completing the Arc Silver Defense node.

This action was performed automatically, if you see any mistakes, please tag /u/desmaraisp, he'll fix them. Here is my github


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