DE, could you please have another go over Gas, Blast, and Magnetic after the Status rework? 2 became way worse, while 1 remains abysmal.

Content of the article: "DE, could you please have another go over Gas, Blast, and Magnetic after the Status rework? 2 became way worse, while 1 remains abysmal."

GAS was changed to do Gas damage from it's proc (instead of Toxic). This is…overall a good change in the long-term health of the game because it reinforces consistency. But the end result is a rather massive nerf to the proc as a whole. Basically nobody, and I mean NOBODY uses Gas to kill low-level Infested chaff, why? Because it's low-level Infested chaff, literally anything will blow them up, and they aren't chaff-y enough to warrant something as overkill as Gas. What we did use them for is against Corpus, because Toxic damage went right through shields, and Gas-procs stacked, making it a prime Corpus-killer. With the Toxic damage replaced by Gas in the Gas procs, it's no longer a Corpus killer. It just fulfills a function that never needed fulfilling.

BLAST: What…why is Blast causing enemies to get vision problems (moreso than other damage types that is)? I get why you changed it, used to be Impact's bigger brother of sorts. Thing is, that's not too bad, it sent enemies flying, and it was hilarious, fun, and satisfying. But you probably didn't want it to be too similar to Impact…but you replaced it with something that's just mildly annoying at best, and pointless at worse. Blast as a damage type has never been very good in the first place, now it's status effect isn't very great either. Not to mention, this rework kinda screwed up a lot of Abilities and Weapons which relied on Blast-procs to work. Case in point, Amalgalm Furax Body Count got screwed.

MAGNETIC: It was worthless before, and it's worthless now. Shields have always been 1) extremely easy to break, 2) really small compared to health, and 3) Magnetic damage being super-effective against shields, it'll break them extra fast…so what's the point of it's status effect? I'm already shredding shields at the speed of light, will it make a difference if I debuffed them to deplete even fasterer?

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Oh, wait, there are SOME enemies whose shields actually takes longer to deplete…it's just a shame that those enemies, such as the Kyto Raknoids, are immune to Status! Which leaves Sorties with Enhanced shields. Asides from being way overly specific and rare, simply using Toxic will kill shielded enemies faster anyways!

So to summarize. Gas and Magnetic status effects don't serve any purpose. Blast neither relates to what it is nor is it very useful.

SUGGESTIONS (really, just spitballing here)

An element's status effect need not relate to what it's effective imo. For instance, Fire is good against damn near everything except for shields, and it's status relates to murdering armour units. Viral is OP against literally everything, period. They only need to do something interesting. With that in mind…


. You can keep the whole "aoe around affected target" and maybe even a fraction of the current gas proc damage. But it's primary purpose should be to be a periodic stagger-effect. Unlike Impact-Stagger which happens as the enemies are his, Gas-Stagger should be a periodic % chance that enemies will suddenly cough (stagger) from the gas. With more Gas-procs stacked, the higher the chance that it happens.

BLAST: I mean, I kinda liked the old effect. But how about make it like Impact, except collision with other objects and enemies when getting ragdolled with inflict extra damage on the Blasted enemy? So Blast would send enemies flying, and those who smack a wall or pillar will take damage upon hitting them.

I feel like blowing the enemy up should always you know, knock them around instead of mildly blurring their vision.

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MAGNETIC: oof…I don't know. Magnetic is the worst thing in the world to get hit by as a Warframe. What if it's something similar on enemies? Like Magnetic procs will extend the cooldown of enemy abilities, Ancients will use their grabby attack and Healing aura far less frequently depending on have much mag is stacked on them.

Or even something more basic, a temporary %-chance to jam enemy guns and force them to use melee attacks.

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