DE please do more small QOL changes for frames each patch

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I know ideas for frame reworks get brought up pretty frequently, but I really wish DE would also do more small buffs/tweaks in addition to larger reworks (where absolutely necessary). I firmly believe that small tweaks would benefit a lot of frames without needing a full rework. Let's take Garuda as an example. Her kit is basically the same as when she was released (when she was completely awful). Over the past couple years she has gotten several small buffs and qol changes. Now, if they would actually fix all her bugs, she's actually a pretty darn good and fun frame. Just off the top of my head there are several other frames that could use some of this love.

Zephyr, for example, would be so much better if her 1 could dive bomb walls instead of only the floor. I don't care if you literally just copy and paste the functionality from Gauss's 1. It stinks being forced to go low range to even use her 1 on any map besides open worlds. Otherwise you inevitably get stuck against a wall for the duration of her 1 animation, which feels really, really bad in a space ninja power fantasy game. Otherwise, her 3 is a phenomenal defensive ability with a great augment, her 4 is actually pretty good area control and damage through status application, and her 2 is not great but it's rare for frames to have 4 good abilities so we'll take it.

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Even frames that aren't considered "bad" could use some tweaks. I think everyone and their 6th cousin can agree that the current functionality for Mirage's 3 is wonky at best, and horribly inconsistent and counter-intuitive at worst. Just make it a toggle, let the player pick which buff they get. You can be tanky or more damage. It's nothing she can't do already, so all it does is make her more consistent and less frustrating to play.

Another frame that certainly isn't weak but also not meta is Ember. I want to love new Ember, and I think her kit has a great foundation, but the fact that her gauge's increase/decrease rate isn't affected by mods at all feels bad. If you cast your 4 on a huge group it doesn't matter how much you spam your 3, that gauge is rocketing to max faster than you can stop it. That makes the "optimal" way to play Ember to just turn your 2 off and on again. This negative feedback loop with her unique resource makes it a little frustrating to play Ember sometimes. Either reduce the rate at which the gauge increases in general or let us control it somehow with mods, maybe scaling off duration or efficiency.

These are just a few ideas, and I'd love to hear more. I've played every frame in the game for an hour+ in arbitrations, yes even Nyx. There are a lot of frames that are much better than people give them credit for, and would feel way better to play with just a little love.

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