Did a Mot Survival Arbi with Protea

So Protea is a ton of fun but she seriously tapers off around level 50ish, especially vs Grineer. I had issues with Lich missions so thought after I put 4 forma into her I would try an Arbitration.

I have never had to work so hard in a mission in order to accomplish so little of the total work.

The 1's are ok control but obviously the arbi drones stop them. That isn't a protea problem. What is a protea problem is that the duration is so short that by the time you ID the drone and take it out the orbs are almost or already over.

The 2 is still a joke. To head off the people who will claim they can kill 160 heavy gunners with her 2 and I don't know how to play her I promise I do. I was even running a Ferox to help group enemies for the 2 specifically. Once we hit 30 min, and the enemies were lvl 90 to 100, the turrets were only capable of killing corpus enemies. And it would take an entire unloading of 1 turret to drop 1 enemy. They only did about 1/3 a bar to regular grineer, and basically did not even cause noticeable chip damage on heavy units. The only use for the turret at this level is to set enemies on fire. Even max groups of turrets on grouped enemies did not do noticeable damage.

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Her 3 is super boring. When you build for good duration to help the 1 and 2, you get a 3 that sits there for a minute and still only puts out 3 drops.

The 4 was used constantly as a way to avoid arbi deaths and spam 1's and 2's, and the time warp was only mildly annoying since we had a good group that camped a single room on survival.

So after that I started to think about other frames I take to arbis for fun.

Wisp is simply superior to Protea on every metric. Health instead of shields, but it lasts longer. Teleporting where you want instead of where you were. Similar CC with shock mote. Ability to ramp damage to insane levels with her 3 and can be a speedy frame with great melee or gunplay. Her 4 does so much more than a squad of protea's 2s.

Vauban. This is rough. One variation of his 2 does more damage in a SINGLE HIT of its 45 second duration than a turret can do over its entire lifetime. Vauban has 3 more "2s" as well to play with including a universal damage buff and insane CC/individual damage buff. His 1 is not as good at CC as Prots, and she is way more survivable, but his 1 can dish out serious damage and has way better duration. Lets not even talk about his 3 and 4 vs proteas ability to do damage.

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Look at caster frames like Saryn, Volt, or even Ember, and try to justify Protea's damage. It is pretty sad.

Compare her to frames that don't always pop out as powerhouses but absolutely are once mastered like Gara, Rev, Nidus etc.

I really want to like Protea. Her animations are cool, I dig her style, and her flow is FUN (except the 4) but she is really underwhelming compared to over half the frames in the game atm.

I am not asking for her to be top tier, but I did want her to at least be middle of the pack.

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