Dojo QoL Improvements Part 2



In 2020, we announced plans for Dojo QoL Improvements based on player suggestions from the forums and discussions with avid Dojo decorators, Ajingom (PC), Major_Prime (Nintendo Switch), OGKuvaSage (Xbox One), ThreeKlaw (PS4), and Vash (PC). We're continuing work on the promised changes, with many on the way in the coming update!

Here’s looking ahead to Update 29.10! Eight Dojo QoL items are on the way:

  1. Starlight Market Room & 161 New Corpus Decorations:Bring Parvos Granum’s ship aesthetic to your very own Dojo.
  2. Clan Hall Ranking Order Removed: Build the Greater Hall, Grand Hall, and Grandest Hall in any order your Clan desires.
  3. Preview Decorations: Room consoles give Architects the option to preview unfinished Decorations for 60 seconds.
  4. Red Zone Reduction: We have reduced the red zone areas in the Dojo. Build near doors – or even right through them!
  5. Changeable Backdrops in the Open Space: Research six backdrops in the Tenno Lab at the new ‘Chromatic Research Console’. Once Research is complete, you can change the Open Space backdrop from the room console!
    1. Ceres Backdrop
    2. Deimos Backdrop
    3. Earth Backdrop
    4. Saturn Backdrop
    5. Venus Backdrop
    6. Void Backdrop
  6. Orokin Lab: Removed the ‘Construct Solar Rail’ and ‘Research Solar Rail’ consoles from the Orokin Lab. This also removes the Solar Rail pop-ups! Dragon Key research remains.
    • Years ago Solar Rails were retired in Update 16, but these consoles remained in the Orokin Lab. They are now also being officially retired as requested!
  7. Clan Statistics > Research:Completed Research tracking for the Orokin Lab and Chem Lab now aligns with available recipes.
    • For example: The Ignis Wraith will now be hidden from Clan stats if the research is not complete, as per player feedback.
  8. Dojo Research UI Pass:
    • Item prerequisites now appear in the hover popup.
      • The UI will also display if the prerequisite item has been researched yet or not.
    • Research now shows Research Requirements in the first on hover tab instead of Crafting Requirements until research has been completed.
      • Crafting Requirements appear in the second tab on unresearched items.
    • ‘Awaiting Funds’ state now has its own icon so you can tell at a glance the difference between something being researched and something still requiring contributions.
    • ‘In progress’ state now shows updating time in hover popup.
    • Newly researched items show as ‘New’ for 2 weeks in the hover popup.
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