[Entire Story Spoiler] Parvos Granum, The Man in The Wall and Natah’s father are the same person (maybe)

Now, I know it sounds ridiculous at first. But think about it. Firstly, Natah/Lotus says:

My father was a farmer. My mother, a carpenter. Given light by the Golden Lords, to build for them… a better world. But my family's journey was long. Time began to change their light. Creativity. Pride. A will to live.

Then, the Codex Entry "Humble Beginnings" mentions, that Parvos Granum and his father started as farmers. You'll say, that there were probably billions of farmers at the Orokin era, I agree. But Parvos Granum was also a founder of Corpus, and most importantly, the inventor of Scepter technology. So, he made a deal with the Orokin, and, well, built for them. He also received the only warframe capable of manipulating the space-time continuum, Protea. He remains alive in his tomb, located somewhere in the void, a place that we call the Granum Void. Being in the void, which itself presents abnormal properties and bends the reality, driving people mad or creating insanely powerful children, is enough to grant him weir capabilities, and having access to time-shifting technology is a powerful addition.

And then, there's the new Call of The Tempestari quest, and, more specifically, the song. There is a very significant set of verses:

There's a man on high,

With the Devil in his eye,

And a golden hand, I'm told

It can hurt you, it can hold you

He can kick you or console you

When you're sleeping in the cold below

Of course, the golden hand directly points at Parvos Granum. But, there are two verses, which point to the man in the wall.

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With the Devil in his eye – This, most commonly will mean, that his eyes present anger, his sight itself frightens you. But, let's explore the "Devil" – if we assume, that the Orokin empire is a long successor of our current civilization, which can be assumed true, when we look at the fact, that names from our past mythologies appear in Warframe, then Devil might be related to the actual devil, who's one of the name is Lucifer. When we look at the ethymology of the word, Lucifer comes from latin words "Lucem" (a form of Lux – light) and "ferre" (to carry). Lucifer (or the Devil) is the Lightbringer. So, With the Devil in his eye might loosely suggest not anger, but light in his eyes. And we all know, how the eyes of The Man in The Wall look, when he presents in any form.

It can hurt you, it can hold you

He can kick you or console you

We're still not sure of what intentions The Man in The Wall has. The story makes us think he is a great danger, but at the same time, he's the one who leads us to uncover what happens to The Lotus at Lua, making us aware of whatever fake Erra does to Lotus/Natah. Also, during the cinematic of the Erra quest, when the "Old War" cinematic ends, our character, the Tenno, has the same glowing eyes, as The Man in The Wall when he presents to us in the orbiter. Which suggests, that although The Man in The Wall has his own agenda, and is up to something, he needs us to know, that something has happened to the Lotus/Natah. Just, as if he needed us, to save his daughter.

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Parvos Granum cannot escape his tomb, he's trapped there. But with the void's abnormal properties, connected with his ingenuity and time-shifting technology, he can manifest in our reality to some extent. Making small changes, explointing the Butterfly Effect, guiding everyone as his pawns to achieve what he cannot himself.

Edit:What if Parvos is the beginning of everything? His ship sabotaged, he ends up in the void separated from his family and stranded, discovers, that he can influence the reality, decides to sabotage a ship with those, who betrayed him, effectively creating the Tenno by an accident. He assumes the persona of Hunhow, and leads the Sentients in Tau to rebell against the Orokin, just as Lucifer rebelled against God. Then the theory stands, Hunhow = The Man in The Wall = Natah's father = Parvos Granum


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