Entrati during The Betrayal (Major Spoilers)

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Its my belief that the Entrati aided the Tenno during The Betrayal, when they turned against the Orokin and killed almost all of them. There are quite a few things to suggest this

The Entrati were charged with maintaining the Heart of Deimos. As we see firsthand an interruption of its processes results in an almost complete shutdown of Warframe effectiveness. If the Entrati wished, they could have stopped the Heart for a time, allow the Orokin forces to end the Tenno threat, then restart it. Grandmother does as much, in a very risky way considering the circumstances, so its not beyond their power

Loid mentions offhand upon your arrival that there were no Dax or Tenno to protect the Heart. This, he assumes, is why it was damaged and why he called you. It suggests the there would normally be Dax or Tenno stationed on Deimos. That means one of several things.

The Dax might have gotten infested and died. The Dax might have fled the infestation. The Dax stayed to protect the Entrati and died over the years. The Tenno killed the Dax but spared the Entrati. The Tenno left, sparing the Entrati. The Tenno stayed to protect the Entrati and died over the years, shunning The Second Dream.

The only way the Dax are left alone is if the Tenno, in their plot to destroy the Orokin, decided not to slay the Orokin maintaining the Heart. A Heart they assuredly know about considering Xaku's lore

There is also the matter of the Requiems. The only way to kill someone gifted The Old Blood, Kuva, and made immortal as the Orokin, is the use of Requiem mods. Requiem mods that Albrecht Entrati seems to have had a hand in creating. In his final logs he mentions having grown disgusted with the Orokin's ceremonies. He writes the words that are marked on the Requiems. His home, Deimos, is full of their iconography

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That same disgust by the way seems to be familial. Mother regards you as an Orokin thug on first meeting, saying its not your fault. Clearly she sees the fault as the Orokins. Son feels the same way, stating "I was to be married, you know? She would now be as dead as the empire that raised us. Sometimes I wish I had been there, with her, when your kind came for us. No hard feelings. Our time had more than come."

Thats all I have on the subject. The Entrati didn't kill the Tenno and the Tenno spared the Entrati, likely because with one anothers help they could bring an end to the Orokin. A conspiracy forgotten when the Tenno slept and the infested rattled the Entrati's minds

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