Evera: concept for a frame lost to wander the void. She uses her power over reality to great effect.

Writhing and lost to the Void, Evera features the ability to alter reality and bend the laws to her will. She uses her manipulative effects on reality to bolster her allies and improve her lethality.

Lore: A failed Warframe for the Warframe project, Evera was cast into the void to be destroyed. She adapted, she changed. Her torment only fueled her determination. She returned. Impressed by her resilience, she was accepted. Given a new form by the Orokin, she was given a Tenno. The Tenno underestimated how strong she was, and she infected them with memories of before. Images of children took the Tenno. The two became indistinguishable. A single will of a protective mother. Evera did not take the Tenno’s mind away however, and when the Orokin sought to destroy her for her fixation on her family, the Tenno and Frame became one completely, willingly. Evera gave the rest of her mind to the Tenno and together she saved her family. She resisted the Orokin like the others would in short time. But her wounds were severe, and she disappeared after the battle. The Tenno was lost to time.

Passive: Godless: Evera remains fully capable of running and gunning when downed. Picking up energy orbs fills her revive meter by 10%. Revive meter will not decay when not being filled and the bleed out timer stays halted for an additional seconds after reviving is interrupted. Heath orbs extend her bleed out time.

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Not even death holds her, why should dying hold her?

1:Snapshot: Freeze an area in time. Freezing enemies and pickups. Allowing you to grab any pickup without removing it and kill any enemy safety, yielding a 10% chance at a heath orb. When the duration ends, all ammo pickups grant ammo directly to the magazine, all health grants double, and all energy grants 15% efficiency for 5 seconds. All enemies killed during the ability explode for the damage dealt to kill them. Ability lasts 10 seconds and covers a 10 meter radius.

She freezes enemies to die a death that seems to last for eons. Perhaps a reminder to what she had to bear?

2: Reality dance: dance and weave out of reality. Moving grants 70% dmg reduction and whenever you are hit you are given a 2% speed boost that can stack up to 40% and refresh. During the ability, you gain increased ammo efficiency of 20% and grant ability efficiency to allies. Walking into a snapshot reloads all weapons and refreshes the speed boost. Ability lasts for 15 seconds.

The Orokin never thought that the failed frame would return, empowered beyond anything they could comprehend. It’s a mystery how she survived in the void. Was it determination? Rage? Or was she merely returning to someone?

3: Rift rip: Rip a hole in reality, causing waves of energy to remove armor and shields from enemies while inflicting a radiation proc. Standing within 15 meters of the rift grants health regeneration and energy regeneration. If the rift is in a snapshot, it absorbs 2% of damage dealt to enemies and adds it to its waves. Ability range: 15 meters. Duration: 30 seconds. Health regeneration: 4%. Energy regeneration: 3 per second.

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If you could save someone, someone you lost before, would you do whatever it took? I would, make no mistake.

4: Breaking Tip: Completely pull yourself and allies from reality, shielding them from knockdown, status effects, and granting 20% power strength. During this time, any allies that dies is instead pulled back to reality with 20% health and full shields. All weapons gain 100% multishot. This ability can not be recast. Duration: 15 seconds. Range: 20 meters.

Her greatest weakness was that she dared to have compassion that would rival any writing, any history. We thought her destroyed when she gave it all up to protect those that she loved. Oh how wrong we were. For she was merely waiting for someone else to take her throne. Is it you?

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