Excalibur rework; Because I’ve been playing too much Devil May Cry.

Content of the article: "Excalibur rework; Because I’ve been playing too much Devil May Cry."

Excalibur is one of those frames that's decently good, because of half of his tool kit, the other half is what holds him back from hanging out with the Big girls like Saryn and Khora.

1. Slash Dash

Slash Dash is a decent ability held back by only one thing. It's Critical and Status stats being essentially 0. Simply put, allow it to inherit Exalted Blade's innate Crit and Status chance as well as benefit from Chromatic Blade Augment.

EDIT: Also allow Slash Dash to inherit Exalted Blade's mod set up and receive the "Heavy Attack" multiplier while Exalted Blade is active.

2. Radial Blind/Howl

Nothing, this is probably his best ability

3. Radial Javelin -> Radial Barrier

Radial Javelin does nothing that all Excalibur's other abilities don't do. It's damage is lack luster, it's a more expensive crowd control than Blind, and it doesn't provide any kind of boost without it's augment. And here is where my "Too much Devil May Cry" comes in.

· Excalibur summons 4 floating energy swords that protect Excalibur and attack enemies that get close.

· The Swords Provide 75% damage reduction for Excalibur

· Swords have 150/300/400/500 increased by Excalibur's Power strength and Armor values.

· Swords offensive stats are the same as Slash Dash

4. Exalted Blade

The first change is dedicated to all Exalted melees. Simply allow them to benefit from Gladiator and Acolyte mods.

The next change is simply moving "Radial Javelin" to Exalted Blade's heavy melee attack. Similar to how it was done in the cinematic trailer. This time, Radial Javelin's stats are based on Exalted Blade's.

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We totally need a "retro' Exalted Blade skin. One that's pure energy like it used to be and like in the trailer.

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