Feedback on the Khora change in Deimos Arcana

Content of the article: "Feedback on the Khora change in Deimos Arcana"

Well, it finally happened. A bit surprised with the timing, thought it would be in the december revisit instead, but here it is from the patch notes:


  • There is now a minimal Line of Sight check on Whipclaw’s radial damage.

For those unaware, here's a quick recap on how Khora's Whipclaw worked prior to this update:

You would press your 1 and shoot out a "projectile" with a range of up to 28 meters, which upon contact with anything would detonate in a radius of up to 10 meters. This detonation damage is the real damage component of the ability, and it would go through any numbers of enemies and all terrain and walls, regardless of line of sight.

Was this too good? Probably. Killing enemies through walls is the best form of defense and clearspeed. She really did deserve a nerf, however the current implementation has some issues. The LoS requirement is from the point of impact of her whip.

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This results in scenarios where you can stare a group of grineer in the eyes as they yell TENNO SKOOM at you, throw the whipclaw near them and hit a small pebble, the edge of a fence, or any small and nearly invisible dent in the terrain. The damage then won't go off, and with khora's lack of defenses outside of shield gating you will probably take a lot of damage, perhaps fall over and die.

Artistic representation:

This grineer survives by the power of tiny rock as it breaks LoS from the impact, even though khora herself has LoS on him. Bad

My hope would be for a change so that: "If either the player OR the whipclaw has LoS, the damage will be applied". The either or being very important here, as that way it can still kill through intersections in corridors and such, and it would be really, really dumb if an explosion wouldn't hurt after travelling 10 meters through thin air.

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These 2 grineer die as they are both in LoS of the impact. Good.

There does also seem to be some weird interactions with her ultimate, Strangledome. Sometimes the damage from hitting it with whipclaw damages all the enemies captured by the dome, sometimes not. Haven't figured out anything consistent on that yet.

Sorry for the lengthy post.

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