Fixing the Blast Damage status effect

So, as most of us know already, Blast Damage is one of the worst status effects in the game. "Worst," as in, it does the absolute least amount of stuff. Like, Heat will set enemies on fire (obviously) and will strip some enemy armor. Cold will slow enemies, and with enough procs, will freeze them. You get the idea.

BUT BLAST DOES NOTHING except stagger enemies. Arguably, Blast is worse than IMPACT. I say this, because at least Shattering Impact, Internal Bleeding and Hemorrhage exist. Blast, however, does not have the luxury of having these mods to improve it.

As an MR 30 player, and having plenty of time to explore Blast Damage as it currently stands right now, I have some ideas on what Blast Damage could be turned in to. I hope this post gets enough exposure so DE can see it too, because, honestly, shooting Explosive Bullets from my Minigun Soma has always sang a remarkable tune to my head.

So here's what I got:

1) Give Blast Damage an actual Blast Radius. — If you go into the Simulacrum right now, and try hitting someone with Blast, you may notice It's not a radial explosion. Say if you try to shoot a helpless Grineer Soldier near their feet, the bullet will not explode on the ground. It will explode on the enemy, but not the floor. And if the bullet hits an enemy, THE EXPLOSION WILL NOT HIT OTHER ENEMIES. For this being an EXPLOSIVE STATUS EFFECT, This makes no sense. So, I propose giving Blast Damage its own explosive radius. It does NOT have to be that big – say, 2 meter radius at the most. This leads me into my second change…

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2) Have Blast Damage get effected by Explosion Radius mods. — I was highly disappointed to find out in my Simulacrum testing of Blast that it does not get effected by Fulmination or Firestorm – the explosion radius mods for Rifles and Pistols. If you ask me, it doesn't make sense to not have these two mods affect Blast Damage – the status effect that LITERALLY EXPLODES ON CONTACT WITH PEOPLE.

3) Have the Blast proc force enemies to the floor. — The idea behind this change is that it'll give Rifles and Pistols some much needed AoE and Stagger potential. All players really use the guns for right now, in this Melee-infested Steel Path Meta, is AoE mass-status spreading for Melee to come in and end everything and everyone's miserable lives. There's only one issue with this, though, and it pertains to mostly the Rifles – The Kuva Nukor exists. You just need every 60/60 mod on the Nukor, and you'll have yourself a Status Stat-stick-gun-thing(…?). This change would give the Rifles especially some much needed CC, and, overall, survivability.

PLUS —– this could FINALLY make good use of Status Duration mods. I imagine the more blast procs you have on an enemy, the longer they'll be forced to stay on the floor. Hit an enemy with an exploding bullet, they become disoriented and stay on the floor. The more Blast procs they have, the worse their disorientation gets. And the longer those procs stay, the longer they'll stay on the floor.

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Just an idea. Pass this post along, let's get DE to bring Blast Damage back to life and relevancy!


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