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Glaives & Volatile Quick Return

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Decided to write down some quick observations on the Volatile Quick Return (VQR):

At first, the mod looks insane. Glaives are already strong, and now you get auto-explosions and twice the blast radius?! So, I immediately packed for Deimos (most heavy units there drop it, check codex, even if you don't have the mods yet).

40 minutes of isovault later, I was testing VQR in an SP mission and was getting absolutely garbage results. Like, the Glaive prime was definitely hitting half the room now, but it was barely killing anyone, despite dozens of various procs everywhere.

Ok, simulacrum time!

On hit, VQR will produce a special "bounce explosion". It looks exactly like a heavy attack explosion, but it's actually a normal attack – it doesn't consume combo counter, but also doesn't benefit from the heavy attack related stuff at all. It has less base damage. It doesn't apply the glaive forced procs. On top of that, there is a 40% fall-off (well, at least according to the weapon stats)

Well, if VQR doesn't consume combo, can we do a 12x counter build? Ranged melee with built-in 9-12m AoE still sounds damn strong. Right?

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Yes, but also no. Bounce explosions themselves are pure blast. As soon as you encounter serious armor, like SP grinner heavy, it falls off, even with a good riven and 12x combo counter. Sortie-viable, but not much more than that.

Meanwhile, you can still manually detonate the glaive to get a heavy attack. It'll have the boosted blast radius and it will naturally have those sweet forced procs, but you must do it before the bounce. Good thing that GlaiveP doesn't have homing – just aim above the enemies.

And then we have Falcor, which doesn't trigger bounce explosions with VQR. Easy to trigger heavy attacks with boosted blast, but can't use the abovementioned combo build. But the post is already long enough.

So, hopefully, that'll help you avoid the confusion I initially had and prime your expectations accordingly. VQR isn't quite as insane as it seems at first look, but can still be useful in builds.

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    Nov 23, 2020 6:54 am

    Hello! I’ve been waiting a long time for a thrown glaive build. Which mods have you found that actually increase thrown damage, and then which affect the explosion? I am actually quite interested in the mod that explodes on each bounce!!

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