Grimm, The Soul Harvester.

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Grimm was once a Tenno called Daedalus, taken away for experiments. There, he was injected with growth hormones, which caused him to turn into an adult in 3 days. Daedalus was then rather painfully transformed into a warframe. His skin turned into the infested thing that made warframes, and his void energy coursed through his veins, which caused him to glow from every eye and his mouth. He prayed for Death, but Death did not come, for he was re-branded "Grimm", and was never awakened by the Lotus. And so he waits for the day when some foolish scavenger releases him and his rage upon the system.

Base stats:

Health: 200 (400 at max)

Shields: 100 (250 at max)

Armor: 125

Passive: Every kill fills a "soul" gauge, which is depicted as a skull with a blade going through it. Grimm also has a face that gets brighter the more full the gauge is. Once full, the souls give him the following buffs:

  • Passive health regeneration
  • A boost in damage while taking 25% less damage
  • 35% movement speed

Ability 1, Wandering Spirit: Grimm gives teammates the power to attract souls which heal 10 per ten kills. If health is full, damage is increased by 25%. Consumes 25% of souls in gauge.

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Ability 2, Soul Bombardment: Grimm launches concentrated soul energy from his shoulders which drains his soul gauge. If gauge is 25% full or below when activated, the energy will be thin lines. If at 50%, the energy will be spheres that leave a damaging area on the ground. If at 100%, the energy become lasers, devastating everything they touch. Consumes amount activated at.

Ability 3, Vengeful Rage: Grimm takes the souls of five random enemies and unleashes the rage built in him, lasting as long as the soul gauge lasts. Because of this rage, Grimm gains 100% damage, but 50% armor reduction. Consumes entire gauge of souls.

Ability 4, Reaping Blade: His exalted weapon, a scythe, deals more damage based on the fullness on the gauge. The gauge also changes his heavy attack, but does not consume the souls in the gauge. At 50% full, heavy attacking on the ground will extend the blade out 5 meters. At 100%, Grimm will slam the ground causing a shock wave towards the aiming direction, knocking down enemies and leaving an aoe effect behind.

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