Helminth Costs Too High

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Almost 2000 hrs of in mission time, and nearly 7000 hrs in game (says steam), and I already cannot continue with the helminth because I've completely run out of resources for some of the categories.

Some of the categories are barely used for performing actions with the helminth and are just sitting there rotting… almost literally.

This really is not a Resource Dump, this is the entire Landfill.

I'm sick of seeing all the super-duper-veterans on the forums saying "don't nerf this it needs to be a challenge" because no, it is not a challenge, its a waste of time. A complete and utter waste of time.

We really shouldn't have to farm for days just to be able to put 10 abilities onto your frames. (speaking of the subsumed abilities which are extremely expensive to transplant onto a different frame)

I want to experiment with the system, i want to try all the combinations and have fun with it, but I literally cannot do that anymore, I'm out of resources, I can't have fun with it anymore. This just further incentivizes the Meta, because why would I want to waste so many materials having fun with the system, when I could just put on "what's best" and never have to touch it again with that frame. It's not fun having to spend days grinding these monotonous missions for hours in order to fill up a bar just so that i can then have fun with the ability that I'm likely to replace yet again because of experimentation.

If you respond to this with "then you shouldn't be experimenting so much" then I ask you, why have the system at all. Why have the interesting mechanic of swapping abilities around if everyone does the same thing, at that point you're just reworking every frame but making the players do it themselves.

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In closing, I WANT, to enjoy the system, but I can't even interact with it anymore.

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