Helmtih Bile problem = make Argon crystals permanently green/neutral

Content of the article: "Helmtih Bile problem = make Argon crystals permanently green/neutral"

Many of us feel that Bile is a bit out of control for subsuming frames not mentioning infusions with high bile cost. Add to that limited selection we might get in situation where we don't want to use any Bile affected frame/ability and use wiki for subsuming frames guideline.

Many suggested some kind of revisions which will require some time investment in statistics. My solution is a quick and painless one. Make Argon permanently neutral or green arrow(depends on balance).

Here info from wiki how argon decay:

Each Argon Crystal in a Tenno's inventory is either stable or decaying at any given time; beyond this, the age of a single crystal does not matter.

"A full 24 hours from when you acquire it and then when GMT 00:00 hits is when it’s considered in its decaying period."

Having the countdown started on one Argon Crystal, then obtaining another does not reset the countdown for the former.

Each day at GMT 00:00, two things happen:

The quantity of decaying Argon Crystals (the ones older than today) is cut in half and rounded down (in other words, performing an integer division by two)

All stable Argon Crystals (the ones you collected on that day) shift to the decaying state

For example:

11 crystals are collected on day 1. They are all stable.

GMT 00:00 hits, and all 11 crystals are decaying. Their quantity remains unchanged.

10 crystals are collected on day 2. The Tenno now has 21 crystals (11 from day 1 + 10 from day 2).

GMT 00:00 hits. The 11 decaying crystals decay to 5 (11/2 = 5.5 ≈ 5 rounded down). The 10 additional crystals are now in the decaying state. The Tenno currently has 15 crystals (5 + 10).

GMT 00:00 hits again without the Tenno collecting any other crystals. All 15 crystals decay to a total of 7 (5/2 = 2.5 ≈ 2 + 10/2).

In other words you can't stockpile argon and massive amount in a mission will lead to trade ban.

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So we have a resource that we have to farm daily and it goes in red resulting in massive loss in long time.

Until we get expanded/revised costs on Bile in near future would be best to make a endless pool so we don't have to suffer from 80% bile consuming and infusing per chance( yeap if you want to try Roar on other ability slot you will have to remove and add again with that bile cost).

I agree we have to be meticulous with our spending on Helmith, but we all human and human err sometimes.

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