I found a cool Helminth Interaction with Rumbled that I wanted to share with everyone.

Summary: I infused breach Surge unto Atlas and it opens the enemies to stealth finishers, which makes them take more damage from the Rumbled Melee attacks. I combined that with the Viral procs from the Panzer Vulpaphyla, Condition Overall and the Damage Amplification from Petrify to take it from an ability that struggles to kill 50s to one that can easily kill lvl 200s in Steel Path. I linked my youtube video that covers it at the bottom but everything that you need to know about what I did will be explained in this thread.

The main reason I’m writing this message is because Atlas is one of my favorite frames, I’m excited to share something supposedly new and unique to me, and ever since I first heard about Rumbled I wanted to make a cool build with it and now I finally did. Maybe this might inspire someone to try out Atlas, give Atlas mains an Alternative build(a few of them probably already know about this) or even highlight some of the shortcomings of this Augment(or even Atlas himself) to DE that they can fix with their next frame rework batch.

For this setup, You’ll need Atlas, The Rumbled Augment, Petrify, Breach Surge Subsumed, The Arca Titron melee( Jat Kittag is a viable Alternative) and Condition Overload. You get Rumbled from Teshin for conclave standing or you can buy it from the Nightwave Item shop if it's available that week. You get breach surge from subsuming wisp to the Helminth and infusing it on your Atlas. Condition Overload is a melee mod and it drops from enemies on Deimos. The Arca Titron can be bought from the market.

The main part of this setup is the Rumbled Augment. What this augment does is basically turn Atlas into one of his rumblers. It gives him rock armor similar to iron skin and it disables your weapon and instead allows you to throw boulders as your main attack . It also prevents you from jumping, crouching, sprinting or sliding. These boulders do 100 direct impact damage and 75 radial damage in a 3 meter radius with no falloff. The boulder's don't have any crit chance but they do have 12.5% status chance. The stats of this form can be buffed by the mods on your currently equipped melee weapons. It can also use a large amount of the melee mods except heavy attack mods, range mods, combo mods , attack speed mods and crit mods. It doesn't sound very good based on how I'm explaining it but don't worry, It'll quickly get better.

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Breach Surge does three main functions. First it blinds enemies and opens them up to stealth multipliers. Enemies that are blinded will take 700% extra damage from melee attacks, which the attacks from the Rumbled augment count as. The other thing that it does is that blinded enemies have a chance to create sparks from hit. These sparks have a damage multiplier and status chance that scale with power strength. This makes the sparks capable of one-shotting certain enemies and if it doesn't kill them, it is likely to proc radiation on them.

The panzer Vulpaphyla is used for two main reasons. The first reason is because of the panzer devolution mod that makes it immortal. The other reason is because of the viral quills mod. This mod gives the panzer an ability similar to saryn's spores that is able to mass proc the viral status effect. Viral procs increase the damage an enemy takes by 100% at 1 stack and 325% at 10 stacks.

Petrify is a quite underrated ability. Petrify has a unique function where petrified enemies receive 50% more damage from all sources. The way that this works is by reducing damage resistances. An Example of this is the Heavy Gunner. They have a 50% resistance to gas damage but if they are petrified that resistance will be reduced by 50% and they will only be neutral to it. Petrify also freezes enemies which makes it easier to headshot them and prevents them from getting knocked halfway across from screen.

Rumbled has this weird ability to copy the passive and augments of whatever melee weapon you have equipped. That is as long as you're able to do the requirement for it. The Arca Titron has a passive that increases the range of its radially slam by 1meter for every kill stacking up to 10 times. This range is added onto the base range of the Rumbled attack which gives you around a 13 meter AoE melee attack. What makes this even better is that Rumbled unlike the Arca Titron has no way of expending the charges so you'll benefit from this increased range forever unless you're unable to kill an enemy within the time limit and it expires. Another slightly worse alternative to the Arca Titron is the Jat Kittag. It doesn’t have a passive but it does have an augment called Vulcan Blitz that causes enemies in a 6m radius to explode on kill dealing blast damage. Another option is the Sibear. If you do a heavy attack just before entering Rumbled then you'll have a flat +50% status chance for the duration of Rumbled. Both of these are good but I find that the Arca Titron increased range is more useful.

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Atlas Build

For the Atlas build strength is probably the most important stat since it increases the base damage of the boulders which allows all the other mods to scale better. It also increases the status chance and damage multiplier of breach surge. Efficiency and Duration don’t really need to be that much higher than 100%. Whatever combo allows you to best upkeep your energy works. For the Aura Mod I'd recommend either steel charge, growing power or corrosive projection. The Stealth damage hits from Rumbled are considered as critical hits by arcane fury so you’ll have an almost 100% upkeep of +180% melee damage. Arcane Energize is to help with the energy economy.

Arca Titron Build

The Arca Titron build is condition overload and as much status mods as you are willing to put. Rumbled only has a 12.5% status chance but with 3 status mods and melee prowess you're able to get close to 50% status chance. If you have riven with better stats than one of the status mods then swapping it out will help a lot. This number is kinda low but it works somewhat fine because of the 13 meter radius from Arca Titron which allows you to proc an element on at least one of the enemies. I also build for corrosive and heat when going against any armored enemies since the build doesn't have any other way of dealing with armor so the slight reduction from the status procs are very useful. The smite faction mods adds another damage multiplier into the mix which really helps with the low damage. The primes versions are useful but require a lot of investment.

Panzer build

For the panzer vulpaphyla you only need the preset mods and anything else you want. Bite can increase the damage of viral quills so it's not a bad choice and synth deconstruct paired with equilibrium can be a good way to regain energy but it's all up to personal preference

From all the testing I've done with this build it's decent but it loses to also every decent or better melee weapons. I think at higher levels it could out damage things like spores or peacemaker but it requires a very niche setup to be useful. It also has a lot of downsides and buffs in certain aspects are needed. First I think it needs the ability to jump. Most maps have an option that doesn't require you to jump but it's almost always longer and slower. Also the fact that Rumbled has a health bar and a duration feels like outdated design. The stats in general are also really low. I was able to make it work thanks to Helminth but on its own it's just a shield to punch people with your one without worrying about dying. It doesn't need a crit chance but if it had like a 25% status chance then it would be able to consistently utilize condition overload. Another improvement that could really help is if it benefited from the combo counter so it could utilize weeping wounds to make up for the low status chance. I don't know if it'll ever get buffed or if it would be forgotten but some buffs would be very helpful.

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That's all I had to say about now for the ability. If anyone has ways to improve this setup or ways that you think it should be buffed I'd be interested to see them in the comments down below. Sorry if this post isn’t structured in the best way possible. This is my first time posting something like this. If you think they're a way I could improve my presentation be sure to leave that in the comments too.


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