I started playing 2 weeks ago.

Content of the article: "I started playing 2 weeks ago."

I’ll start off by saying I quit destiny a year ago after playing for years. When I first saw this game my brother (who has played both) said it’s pretty similar. So I downloaded and hopped into the tutorial.

I picked Excalibur since I love hack and slash play styles. The sword play was amazing but when I learned bullet jump that was a game changer. It was the very first thing that made me fall in love with the game. The movement is so clean and fluid it’s pretty’s much eye candy when I’m traversing the levels. I mean destiny diddent have shit on this movement. This part of the gameplay makes d2 look so slow and dull. But I digress.

Playing threw the first couple planets made me realize this is my new “main game”. Looking threw the diversity of builds, modding, weapons made me so happy. But the one thing that really irked me was that until like mr5/6 you really aren’t ever encouraged to use primary or secondary weapons at all. They early gun weapons are so terribly weak without a lot of Endo into mods you don’t have yet. But with most early game melle you can easily clear the star chart solo first play through.

Also I have a real problem with new players being able to get the Kuva Lich at mr5!!! I got it at mr5 and it’s quite literally impossible to beat it without a hard carry. If there’s one thing a new player HATES its something taking away there rewards and not being able to do anything about it. Please as a new player who had to ask for carry’s daily, PLEASE MAKE THE KUVA LICH MR10 REQUIRED. Made me nearly quit the game.

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On a better note the clan system on this game shines far brighter then any I’ve seen. The amount of potential this one mechanic brings to the table is crazy. The “dojo” and all the labs and blueprints make it a easy transition into later gameplay.

I wish they told me that I have to choose two standings at the beginning of the game, started actually getting standing at mr8 when my clan leader mentioned specific warframe mods. Maybe they did but I really don’t remember, sucks to have such a late start for a important part of the game.

I have been hardcore grinding this game daily and currently mr11 in two weeks. I’ve made some amazing friends threw the clan I’m in already and currently can’t stop playing. I am getting a bit worried that end game is just a rehashed base game with bullet sponge enemys as my leader would say. But I can look past that since making new warframe and weapon builds is the main reason to continue playing!

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