I theory I have regarding Amalgams and the black goo we see in Murex ships (with some help from the Vex)

Before we start I have something to bring up just to help explain my theory; for those of you who have played Destiny, you may know what radaloria is and its relation to the Vex. For those of you who don't, radaloria is basically the Vex's true form, and the robots that you fight are basically husks that they control.

Now, the thing about radoloria is that if you come into contact with it, either by ingestion, injection, or accidentally falling into a puddle of it, you will turn into a Vex. We see this happening in Destiny 2 to a Warlock named Asher Mir, who fell into a radaloria lake which caused his arm to turn into a Vex arm.

Now that we're done with the recap, I believe that the black tar-like goo we see in the Murex ships acts similarly to radaloria, and may even be a sentient version of it. It's most likely some sort of primordial lifeblood, even being the Sentient's most basic form, as mentioned in the Detron Crewman's Sythesis Imprint. The goo would be used to create to the different types of Sentients we see throught the game.

The goo most likely contributed to the Sentient's rapid self-repair and adaptability by repairing any pieces lost or damaged in battle or when terraforming. When the Sentients came back from Tua, their ability to self-heal was of course, weakened; instead of replacing any damaged bits, they could only make small repairs. This could be seen in game, as Sentient fighters will pick up their "arms" instead of growing back fully functional ones. As seen with the Amalgams, I theorize that coming into contact with this goo would infect you and convert you into a half-Sentient abomination. Basically, the goo is used to birth new Sentient units, while also being able to turn non-Sentient beings into Sentients.

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By using this goo, Sentients are able to gain control of both organic and mechanical beings. We see this in Amalgams that are created from Corpus Crewmen, and in the Sentient's ability to take control of machinery (ie; Cephalon Suda). Now, the Sentients taking control of organic beings is more speculative, as there's nothing in the game saying how they are able to. However, seeing as how Corpus Crewman are able to be controlled by Sentients when turning into Amalgams, I think that's some un-offical conformation.

Going down the rabbit hole once more, this may also explain Chroma's pelt, as it is speculated to be created from a dead or dormant piece of a Sentient. Most people bring up the Sentient-like wing pattern, and the pelt's ability to become autonomous when casting Chroma's Effigy ability. One thing I have noticed while writing this is Chorma's passive, and how you are able to change the element Chorma used for his abilities by changing his emmisive color. Whenever a Sentient adapts to a damage type, it's core changes color to match the element (ie; green for Toxin, blue for Electricity, orange or red for Fire). I will admit this is very speculative, but I just think its a fun thought to bring up.

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