It’s been over 3 years since the Sortie Rewards have changed, let’s talk about it.

Content of the article: "It’s been over 3 years since the Sortie Rewards have changed, let’s talk about it."

As it stands Update 22.0 Plains of Eidolon changed the Sortie rewards to what they are now, with the small exception of Update 24.0 adding Kitgun rivens to the riven pool.

So as it stands we’ve had from U22.0, 7 full content updates, from Fortuna to Deimos and everything in between. But the Sortie for the last 3 years has been stagnant, and need a semi-big refreshment to reflect all the content we’ve gotten to date.

As the rewards stand they are: * Anasa Sculpture * Riven mod * 4K endo * 6k Kuva * Warframe exilus adapter * Forma * Orokin catalyst BP * Orokin reactor BP * Legendary Core

Let’s start with the easier stuff before we delve into the more controversial, sort of small system changing, and mathy rewards.

Legendary Core is Legendary Core, simple as that.

The Orokin BP’s should be when rewarded prebuilt. It doesn’t make sense to get the BP and then have to wait 23-24 hours to use it and have the frustration of waiting for it, when alternatively the Nightwave Market has them for nightwave credits prebuilt.

Forma should be increased to 3, with the nightwave challenge, and the sheer amount of items from warframes, weapons, archguns, pets/sentinels, Necramechs, archwings (with modular archwings and the change to the archwing system discussed by DE) etc.. It makes sense to buff the quantity, knowing that we burn through them in about a minute and a half. -Aura, Stance, and Umbra formas should stay where they are due to the ways of obtaining them, and the usage of them.-

Exlius Adapter among all things should have a 50/50 change to them with either earning a Warframe exilus adapter, or weapon exilus adapter. (Side note the recipe for the Warframe one needs a change cause 2 forma? Forreal? Screw that, drop it to 1)

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6,000 Kuva should be buffed to 7,000. That’s been the old Warframe players gripe from the get go of introducing Kuva to the drop tables.

4,000 Endo should be either 5-6,000 Endo so it feels more worthwhile obtaining than just, “oh boy, 650 more Endo than an Anasa Sculpture.”

Now Sculptures. Taking the Zambuka out of this equation due to the sculpture being an arbitration market item, Kitha and Hemakara from Deimos, and them being more of a collectible than future Endo, I don’t want to bother with them heavily. From the Wiki’s chart and math they have provided, Anasa’s compared to its “lesser value” sculptures as weaker in quality with Ayatan Star insertion. putting Anasas (1450 gain) in between Piv (1400 gain) and Orta (2050 gain). To remedy this, ALL sculptures, other than to help gain more from them with the increase of mod usages and collecting, need to have their multiplier changed, but overall buff the Anasa to a Sortie worthy reward.

(B + 50C + 100A) × (1 + M × (C + A) ÷ S)

  • B = base value
  • C = # of Cyan Stars installed
  • A = # of Amber Stars installed
  • M = multiplier (5.0 for Anasa, 3.0 for Hemakara, Kitha and Zambuka, 2.0 for others)
  • S = # of sockets
Statues base values Fully Ranked New Fully Ranked Multiplier
Anasa 2000 3450 4170 9.0
Orta 650 2700 3150 2.5
Vaya 400 1800 2100 2.5
Piv 375 1725 2015 (Rounded Up) 2.5
Valana 335 1575 1875 (Rounded Up) 2.5
Sah 300 1500 1750 2.5
Ayr 325 1425 1665 (Rounded Up) 2.5

With these new multipliers, these allow to get more Endo for our ever growing collection of mods, and give the sculptures a refresh value to them as well.

Now for Rivens, the crème de la crème. Rivens are hot topic cause of everyone wanting them for whatever comes out, or a persons favorite weapon, or the “Meta” items. Simply put for Rivens, they need to be swapped for 10x Riven Slivers. What this allows is also a change for the system as a whole, we can then make Palladino/Samodeus an accessible miscellaneous syndicate from the Syndicate table. To add to that we can have the already offered “Riven Mod” be a default 10x cost, leave that but also add the specific Riven types for an increased amount, 20x or 25x would suffice due to the ease of earning them. And to make sure the system doesn’t get too heavily abused, a specific Riven can be bought 1 time per new login reward time or sortie reset time, or a random “Riven Mod” 1 time, 1 consistent Riven a day. On top of which, we can refresh the riven challenges to include Orb Vallis and Deimos. With this system as well, it allows the player to not be super discouraged with whatever reward they’ve earned from the sortie, and go farm out more riven slivers from Railjack, Kuva (and potentially Queenpin) liches, or hell Steel Path, as that’s all it’s good for now.

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It’s time for Warframe to refresh and polish its content it provides, and I hope that DE can look at this and improve just a small bit of a stagnated content and in the future, everything else.

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