Let tap/hold play 2 different tracks for Octavia to play in mission

I don't think I'm the only one who has resorted to muting their Octavia music. The same 10 second loop over and over and over and over…

Even with purposefully not-recasting abilities to break up the soundscape, it's just not fun to listen to the music she makes.

At the moment, Octavia only taps her ability keys once to cast abilities. Adding a "hold" functionality would not conflict with her current usage. You would still be able to play the same track as before. This wouldn't be taking away any functionality or usability that she currently has.

The Mandachord could be expanded to have an A- and B-side in the arsenal.. (click on the link if you don't know what that means)

This would expand her current capabilities, not infringe on anyone's current playstyle, and work perfectly with her musical theme.

The swap functionality could come in several ways.

Option 1:

Have each ability have a separate tap/hold functionality. This allows you to mix & match different pieces from the 2 tracks. E.g. Drums & Melody from A-side, Bass from the B-side.

Advantage: good customizability allowing for further musical diversity in-mission

Disadvantage: depending on cast speed, may be more difficult to recast B-side multiple times in a row. Then again, it IS the B-side, so if you wanted to have that be the primary music, you should swap your A-side and B-side in the mandachord before a mission.

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Option 2:

Have one ability have a hold functionality that swaps all instruments over to the other side. If you're currently on A-side, swaps to B-side, and vice versa.

Advantage: still gives some customization over music, while reducing the amount of management required for someone who wants to shake up their music compared to Option 1

Disadvantage: 3/4 of Octavia's available "hold" functionalities aren't being utilized, and you now have 2 10-second loops rather than 6 10-second loop components to mix & match.

Option 3:

Have hold bring up a radial menu of existing Mandachord tracks to choose from. This is the Jukebox option.

Advantage: the most musical variety possible! Freely showcase your incredible music collection, from Baby Shark to E1M1.

Disadvantage: depending on how quickly people can select from a radial menu, it may be a bit clunky for them to swap to a different song. But given the solid ability duration, good CC, and invisibility available to an Octavia, it's no more difficult than selecting an energy pizza or dance emote from the gear wheel.

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