Let’s call Steel Path what it really is: New Game+

Content of the article: "Let’s call Steel Path what it really is: New Game+"

And that's it.

Steel Path isn't "Hard Difficulty", "Challenge Mode" or "Endgame", it is just "New Game Plus".

This community seems to be confused about what Steel Path is or isn't and what it should or shouldn't be, I've seen both casual players and Warframe youtubers/streamers deliver contradicting messages.

Let's take a game like Dark Souls for example, NG+ allows you to restart the game from the beginning, but with all your levels and items, while enemies get a buff to their stats.

Enemies drop a bit more Souls (think Affinity or Credits) and there's only a handful new items that are exclusive to NG+, certainly not a whole lot.

New Game+ in Dark Souls isn't hard or challenging, if you already had good gear and a solid build by the end of your first playthrough, you will steamroll through most of NG+.

Yet, a lot of people still replay it multiple times, even when there is little to no benefit and basically no new rewards for doing so.

So, what's the point of the Steel Path then?

To continue playing with your old stuff, while experiencing the closest thing to a fresh start without making a new account.

To revisit all those locations and missions that you wouldn't normally ever visit, 90% of the Star Chart nodes are never touched after completing them once.

To have some meaning in your absolutely overpowered arsenal of maxed out warframes, weapons and mods.

To skip the tedious hour long wait in Endless missions before things get interesting and hectic.

CC and Support frames are more relevant, you have to pay attention while playing instead of just picking whatever whenever and mindlessely breezing through it.

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I've seen a lot of suggestions, tons of people want DE to put way more effort into Steel Path or morph it into some weird version of endgame, I would rather DE actually develop a proper endgame instead.

Fix the Steel Essence acquisition, maybe add a few new items here and there and move on, focusing on it too hard is the wrong move in my opinion, the way Steel Path is right now is exactly what a lot of people wanted.

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