Let’s talk about Pets 2.0

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As some of you may recall, we were promised Pets 2.0 a while ago and what we got was a the removal of status and… yeah thats about it. I am not sure if that was supposed to be Pets 2.0 already but if it was, it is not enough."Pets" in this thread will refer to all kubrows, predasites, kavats and vulpaphylas aswell as the helminth charger and MOAs. When I include sentinels I will mention them specifically.

Problems I see with the current Pet system

  • No relevant kubrows. No relevant predasites. One type of kavat and one vulpaphyla reign supreme for most players. Other pets are widely considered useless.
  • Pets and sentinels are utility. They are never used for direct offense. Even the newly added Panzer Vulpaphyla's Viral Quills mainly spreads viral procs on enemies, pet itself is not meant to be the main damage dealer, the pet owner is. This in itself is not a problem; Pets are supposed to help their master. In my eyes its a problem that no single pet or sentinel even could be a viable damage dealer.
  • Sentinels are super squishy. This makes them unreliable in high-damage environments such as Steel Path, Arbitrations, Eidolon hunts and, most notably, endurance runs. With the exception of Djinn, they have limited revives too which even further discourages players from utilizing them in late game content. Pets are also squishy but they can atleast use Pack Leader to gain a form of health-restore in this melee meta.
  • Pet's AI is widely unpredictable. They may run far from their owner attacking an enemy even outside of their perception. This makes building and utilizing pets even more unpredictable.
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Things I therefore suggest:

  • A complete precept rework. Every single one. Even the newest ones. Bring them on-par with each other and optimize them to work in both low and high level missions. Make pets feel useful.
  • Acompanying this precept rework there should be a stat rework. Pet's melee attacks and sentinel's and MOAs guns should feel useful and not only used to spread status procs at best. They should be able to kill even higher level enemies on their own, though of course less efficient than the player could. We dont want the game to play itself.
  • Make all pets and sentinels invulnurable. Yes, you read me correctly. Remove the healthbar and do not allow them to draw aggro (unless through a precept). Allow us to not worry about their survivability and fully built on their potential, on their precepts, on their damage dealing and utilty capabilities. The first pets, the vulpaphylas, that have become immortal have grown insanely popular among the community just for that trait alone. I think we should build on that.
  • AI rework. In general. Not only pets, also enemies. I think this is a no-brainer.
  • Universal vacuum. Come on, DE.

Let me know what you think.

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