MR 22, I have tested Conclave for the very first time.

Content of the article: "MR 22, I have tested Conclave for the very first time."

I knew its meme status for being very mediocre but I never expected it to be THIS bad.

There's plenty of problems down there :

Lag issue – There are no dedicated servers so everything is peer based. If you get into a game with a bad host then you will most certainly experience it as we all have. Unfortunately until they get dedicated servers (which they probably never will) this will be the case.

Non hitscan weapons – In all shooting games there is a higher learning curve with non-hit scan projectile weapons. But these just doesn't fit a PvP mode as players have mobility that outspeed any aim speed.

Weapons damage – As we know in T H E C O N C L A V E the weapons are reworked so they "may" fit PvP. This leads to extremely nonsense stupid spreadsheets of damage with bows doing way too much damage in comparisons of other primary. Cernos deals more than twice the damage of a charged Lanka, despite having half less of time charge. As for secondaries it isn't better, a point-blank Staticor deals less than a full auto MK1-Kunai. For melee, Dark Split-Sword (Dual Swords) deals more damage and attacks faster than its Heavy Blade counterpart (???). Fists weapons can stunlock someone. Spamming slam attacks with the right timing while prevent someone from getting up.

Warframe abilities – Ash's blade storm oneshot players. Atlas' petrifying gaze stuns players for 2,5 fucking seconds, which means instant death. Mag's Pull works for every other player and pull them in 40 meters towards her. Frost's Avalanche freezes enemies in place after damaging them over a duration of 2 seconds within a radius of 12 meters, which in a similar fashion to Atlas. Nidus makes one entire stack per hit with Virulence, and Undying activates and consumes only 1 stack of Mutation. Walking in Ravenous is pretty much instant death.

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And i'm sure I have yet to meet more absurds things as those. Why do this game mode even exist if not for the memes ?

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