My proposal to pull Syndicates into the modern Warframe. My ideas to update Hit Squads and how to make syndicates relevant in the game’s present.

By syndicate I mean the ones in Relays, not Quills/Solaris/vent kids etc. Let's start with hit squads. A lot of them either made no sense (New Lola/Red Veil's use of Infested) or just plain stupid (Steel Meridian's Rollers). Secondly, Eximus units always looked like ugly place holders. Even colourful palette swaps would have been better than the static film over them.

Red Veil: They send those same Red Veil Operatives you fought in Chains of Harrow. They're squishy but they hurt

New Lola: There's a few options. Either 1-2 Silver Grove Spectres or I dunno…a pack of feral Kavats, Kubrows, or other animals. Or operatives wearing New Lola clothes equipped with their weapons.

Steel Meridian: There's a ton of possiblities here since we even see regular looking marines in their room. But instead their hit squad should consist of grineers using the male and female larvling models equipped with their faction weapons

Perrin Sequence: They're fine really, just slightly alter their Moa's designs to fit their faction aesthetics, equip them with Secura weapons.

Arbiters of Hexis: WTH are they even supposed to be? Sounds like they're Tenno-worshippers. Just shooting in the dark here, but regular operatives equipped with armour pieces to make themselves look more like Warframe's?

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Cephalons Suda: Should she even send a hit squad? She's supposed to be the non-violent one, polar opposite of Red Veil. Her hit squad should be…I unno

Differentiating their effects, they should have a unique bonus for players other than just access to their wares. Players may choose 1 Syndicate they have max relationship with to sponsor their Railjack. Bonus are as listed.


-Customizable Railjack Crews. Can be equipped with Operator clothes and companion weapons.

-syndicate themed operator clothes may be worn by crews

-syndicate melee+secondary weapons may be equipped to crews, these are independent of the ones you own

Red Veil: Red Veil crews can perform Finisher-attacks. Ammo-stations are installed through Railjack.

New Loka: New Loka crews are capable of healing and reviving one another, including you. Animal kennels are installed within the walls from which weaker clones of your kubrows and kavats come out to fight intruders.

Steel Meridian: Crews are composed of Grineer crewmen using Saturn Six/Larvling and Capture Target models. These Grineer crews have extra armour compared to your base crews and deploy Blunts. With Steel Meridian, 2 Cutters and 1 Flak tag along to support your Railjack, periodically respawning.

Perrin Sequence: Crews have increased shields, they also have Corpus helms styled after Perrin Sequence. Their bonus is just the Corpus equivalent of Steel Meridian, piloting 3 fighters from the inevitable Corpus Empyrean missions.

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Arbiters of Hexis:..the heck should I know? They want to reject the Tenno as Warriors? What? I dunno, Crews can man side turrets? And their bonus is…something sweet.

Cephalon Suda: Crew knows how to repair the ship for you, use the Forge, etc. Her Railjack bonus are Moa Cabinets installed in different parts of the ship. A unique Tactical Avionics is required to activate the Cabinets to deploy Moas to accompany the crews.

And of course some random jazzy stuff. Updated spectres, new weapons, Railjack weapons, Railjack models, etc.

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