Necramech fights are the very epitome of mandatory cheese

Content of the article: "Necramech fights are the very epitome of mandatory cheese"

Loving this update, but it always astound me how the devs try to stop players from cheesing bosses, then turn around and make bosses that are so restrictive that you literally have no other choice.

Status immune? Check

Passive scaling damage reduction on top of armor reduction to invalidate most weapons? Check

Warframe ability immunity? Check

Warframe ability dispel? Check

Completely immune to damage outside of small weakpoints? Check!

Total damage immunity that is supposed to be dispellable by void dashing but often bugs out so it doesn't work even with a direct hit? Check! Apparently this is dispelled by just doing damage to it but it's also capable of reflecting damage so…. yeah

This doesn't mention all the other bugs like the debilitating slow AoE's visual indicator not even close to representing it's area.

It's not like this fight is impossible, just cheese it with something like Octavia without even looking at them! But if you actually want to just fight them normally good luck because these enemies were designed, from the ground up, to cheese you if you don't cheese them.

Been playing this game for 6 years and this is one of the shittiest enemies I've ever faced, a culmination of all the things that players don't like about this game. Please stop pushing difficulty in this direction. It's not difficult, it's just annoying. Please.

Edit : To reiterate I do think this update as a whole is great, don't take this post as post discouraging people from playing it, take it as a critical focus on a very specific problem of an enemy that is so badly designed it just encourages you to use exploits or avoid their mechanics entirely.

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Edit 2 : TLDR – Necramechs use an old formula for difficulty that has aged terribly. There needs to be a new approach that isn't just recycling the same hated mechanics over and over. personally I think there is more room to grow with a sort of bullet hell difficulty, emphasizing mobility and learning attack patterns, which would actually make fights feel more unique and encourage learning their mechanics.

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