Octavia Prime Access is Live!



Conduct a devastating cacophony with Octavia Prime! Get instant access to Octavia Prime, her signature Weapons, Tenora Prime and Pandero Prime, as well as exclusive Prime Accessories and much more.

Octavia Prime Access Features

Octavia Prime
Strike up a symphony of destruction with the mistress of music, Octavia, in her grandest and most spectacular form. Featuring altered Mod polarities for greater customization. Octavia Prime also comes with the brand new hip-hop inspired Bombast Instruments Pack!

Tenora Prime
Add lethal staccato percussion to Octavia's melodies with this masterpiece assault Rifle.

Pandero Prime
Pound the beat for a dance of death with Octavia's signature Prime Pistol.

Octavia Prime Glyphs
Display your Octavia Prime loyalty.

Bombast Instruments Pack
A themed instrument pack for Octavia’s Mandachord. Drop deep grooves that will get bodies moving with this bass heavy instrument pack.



Octavia Prime Accessories

Glissanda Prime Armor
Raise the curtain on Octavia's full glory, in Armor that embodies her living music.

Serenidine Prime Syandana
Awe the crowds with this majestic flourish of a Syandana, fit for the mistress of the Mandachord.

Aristei Prime Shawzin
The Aristei Prime Shawzin will come with a unique note pack.

90-Day Resource (Amount) Booster
90-Day Affinity Booster


Octavia Prime Access begins February 23 in every region on all platforms.

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When Octavia Prime enters Prime Access, the following items will be entering the Prime Vault:

  • Equinox Prime
  • Stradavar Prime
  • Tipedo Prime

If the above items or Relics containing the items are in your Inventory, they will remain in your Inventory after the Vaulting.

Make earth-shattering music and dominate any fight with Octavia Prime Access!

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