One thing I’d love to see: ‘Class’ based movement

Content of the article: "One thing I’d love to see: ‘Class’ based movement"

Ever since Grendel came out I've been thinkin', how is this heavy blubber boy moving the same way the rest of the frames are? And that got me wondering for that matter, why do the heavy frames like Chroma, Rhino, Grendel, and Atlas all move the same way lighter, more agile frames move like Ember, Gauss, Volt, or Excalibur?
Here's what I'm thinking: Subclasses. You could give each frame one of three or four roles. I'm thinking that the current animation setup could be fore the more combative frames like Excalibur or Mesa. For the more spellcasty frames like Ember or Zephyr, you could have less twirls but a more graceful animation set. Instead of a roll, use something like Wisp's or Limbo's dash. Then, my personal favorite idea, heavy frames could just have heavier feeling, more deliberate leaps and landings, something that really emphasizes their heft, muscle over agility to get that bullet jump height. Last idea was more of a maybe, a support animation set for frames like Trinity, Wisp, or Equinox, something to give them a more utilitarian feel.
You could even take this one step further. Heavy impact could just be built in to heavier frames (Yes, Rhino would need a new passive, but who doesn't want that anyway?) so that their movement can have literal impact in game. Combat frame bullet jumps could have higher damage rates when moving through units. Spellcaster frames could have a sort of warp-like bullet jump that avoids damage while they reach their apex for some added protection, and support frames could have a cleansing roll. They'd just be minor buffs to movement that add just a tad bit of utility to frames while distinguishing them in a way that isn't just numerical values
Whether or not the visual change modifies the gameplay isn't as enticing as the visual change itself would be in my opinion. Just food for thought.

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