Panzer Vulpaphyla – Damage / Duration mod effect test results

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tl;dr : Bite, Frost Jaw & Venom Teeth affect the damage / healing of Panzer Vulpaphyla's Viral Quills + Hunter Recovery | Maul & Tek Enhance don't

To min-max my Panzer Vulpaphyla build with regards to Viral Quill healing I tested the effect of damage / duration mods on its Viral Quills + Hunter Recovery and would like to share the results to save others some time. Tests were done using Inaros in the Simulacrum, Scarab swarm to reduce his health and measuring the time it took to fully heal back up ( from ~6k HP to 9k HP – simulated a single lvl 175 Heavy gunner and Panzer Vulpaphyla only used quills to attack ). The results were quite obvious even with a low sample size :

With no damage / duration mods equipped it took ( 1:40 min / 1:23 min / 1:28 min / 1:43 min ) to fully heal

With Maul & Bite equipped it took ( 0:25 min / 0:25 min / 0:25 min ) to fully heal

With only Maul equipped it took ( 1:40 min ) to heal – obviously it has no effect on the Viral Quills / heal

With only Bite equipped it took ( 0:25 min ) to fully heal – same time as with both mods equipped so clearly Bite is the mod that boosts damage / healing

With only Tek Enhance equipped it took ( 1:40 min ) to fully heal – duration does not seem to affect the dots otherwise the healing would have been higher than without

Personally I like it that way because it leaves room for other important mods. As a conclusion my build will look like this :

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Animal Instinct ( enemy & loot radar )

Fetch ( mandatory for pickups )

Viral Quills ( Viral procs )

Hunter Recovery ( healing from quills )

Bite ( massive boost to Viral Quills damage & healing )

Panzer Devolution ( survivability )

Link Health ( survivability )

Medi-Pet Kit ( or Pack Leader when used with melee builds for survivability )

Synth Deconstruct ( health orb generation )

Synth Fiber ( to pick up health orbs even when at full life to utilize Equilibrium )


Frost Jaw & Venom Teeth instead of Synth mods for maximum quill damage plus extra heal

Edit : Test results with Elemental mods :

With Frost Jaw & Venom Teeth equipped it took ( 1:16 min / 1:13 min / 1:33 min / 1:22 min ) to heal

With Frost Jaw & Venom Teeth & Bite equipped it took ( 0:14 min | 0:38 min, due to bad crits / 0:16 min / 0:15 min ) to heal

The Elemental damage mods have a considerable impact on the damage and heal of the initial hit while the difference with regards to dot damage & heal seems not to be as big. To maximize healing and / or damage it is definatly worthwhile to consider using the elemental damage mods instead of e.g. the synth mods. A critical hit with the quills with all 3 mods equipped ( which is quite consistent ) healed Inaros for ~1k HP.

Luckily the Synth mods have the same polarities as the elemental damage mods so that it is possible to have a loadout for maximum quill damage with heal and one for health orb generation / Equilibirum.

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