Personal Opinion – this game is meant to be played with boosters

Content of the article: "Personal Opinion – this game is meant to be played with boosters"

I'm not trying to trigger the whole P2W debate again, so please just take this as my personal opinion: a lot of the painful grind becomes almost pleasant when you're loaded up with boosters, and I think anyone that can afford it should consider playing Warframe that way.

When Deimos came out I looked at the mechanics of helminth (the big draw for me) and the collection of new resources, and I decided to buy a month-long resource drop booster. I figured I would be subsuming frames for 40+ days anyway, and I guessed that some of my resource pools might dwindle as I experimented with infusing various abilities. It worked like a charm. I never had any problem with scintillant, I was always swimming in mech parts, and the doubling of animal tags was a godsend for ranking up Entrari. There was one resource that did give me a bit of a headache (Thaumica), but only because I couldn't get it to drop from rocks and then I figured out the pylons. Meanwhile I was able to offset a lot of the costs of subsuming and infusing (except BILE of course).

Conversely, I didn't buy an affinity booster and though I liked playing my mech eventually grinding it through six forma resets took a toll on my enjoyment.

What I'm trying to say is that 200 plat may seem like a lot, but really it's just ~$2 if you pay with real money and maybe two hours of relic captures if you prefer to sell prime parts. Plus I got into some Steel Essence farming last week and earned 400,000 kuva, half of which is directly the result of that booster.

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Just my recommendation to anyone with the plat/cash to spare, who loves Warframe but maybe finds the grind a little overly grindy.

Just as a point of reference, I am a completionist so my framing relates to my personal goals of buildong and subsuming every frame, building every weapon, and maximizing my mech. If none of that matters to you then a booster probably won't affect your enjoyment of WF like it did mine.

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