Playing Balor Fomorian and Archwing missions really gives perspective just how much DE improved in Empyrean

Content of the article: "Playing Balor Fomorian and Archwing missions really gives perspective just how much DE improved in Empyrean"

Yeah Railjack isn't well loved round these parts. People have this weird hate-boner how it's the worst thing evah. But while the mode obviously have it's many many wrinkles to iron out, it's an absolute blast.

But the best thing about Railjack is that it cleanly fixed most of my biggest complaints with Archwing missions.

1) The missions had too much crowded obstacles unsuited for high-speed flying, even simply melee-ing the enemy is annoying because your flying into the enemy to hit them could disrupt your attack, sending you spinning. And there's all those godawful tunnel-levels where you have to race through these series of tunnels, which leads me to…

2) Empyrean doesn't have Archwing's problems with Objective markers thanks to how it's a large open space. Objective Markers on Archwings on the other hand is COMPLETE HORSE****

Playing Balor Fomorian, the mission's objective markers and map doesn't show you where your objective is at all. When the Lotus tells you to "go inside", it shows you a Yellow Objective marker of the very heart of the Fomorian, but it doesn't point players to the opening the Fomorian made. If you're lucky, or if you played that mission often enough, you have an idea that it's actually this large slit underneath a bunch of ridges in the front. But even then, if you kill the Shield generator too close to the Fomorian, or if you're new, it can be a real pain in the ass trying to find the entrance to the Fomorian, and the Objective Marker only further confuse pubs who I've seen circle the entire Fomorian the whole mission without finding it.

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Empyrean does away with that.

3) Archwing was 100% a content Island. You have Archgun mods, Archwing mods, and your Warframe and gear doesn't mean a thing. That was stupid and infuriating. Empyrean evenly splits between Space combat and typical Warframe ground combat. You have to deal with boarders, infiltrate enemy bases, kill Captains, you have to fly out in your Archwing, AND you control Archwing. I love it. It's a great marriage of different styles culminating into one awesome mode. Could it use some refining? Yeah, just like Warframe as a whole, of course.

In all honesty? I love the game mode and I really hope DE expands on it far more. Bring us Corpus, Infested, and Sentient enemies. Let us build modular Railjacks with new weapons. Allow Hosts to lock out certain ship functions so fekking pricks don't blow all your Flux/Ordnance and just leaves so often.

Game mode's damn fun and it's truly a testament of how much DE learned after from all the disastrous Archwing missions all those years back. Empyrean is essentially what Archwing should have been, and this is DE's chance to really capitalize on it. It came out a little buggy and a little grindy. Whatever, it's Warframe, you literally play it just to grind. But with the framework down and a few more wrinkles to iron out, this could easily be an amazing game-mode parallel to typical gameplay.

So now. Can we…remake Balor Fomorian and Jordas Golem completely to incorporate our Railjacks?

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