Protea suggestions from a Khora main

I know the title sounds a bit odd, but hear me out: Protea and Khora released with some very similar ability problems, and Protea could be improved the same way Khora was. Here's an excerpt from Khora's last major ability update in U22.20:

  • Removed the Line of Sight check from Ensnare to make it more reliable.
  • Range Mods now affect Whipclaw's AoE radius, but it is capped.


Sound familiar? Protea's turret has the same problems and could use the same improvements. Blaze Artillery has line-of-sight checks that can cause it to fail to target an enemy. Often times a railing or the corner of a wall will block the turret from targeting an enemy, and if you use something like the Ferrox to bundle enemies tightly together then the hitboxes of the group of enemies will actually block line-of-sight for the whole group, causing the turret to ignore them. And when Blaze Artillery does shoot at enemies, the AoE radius is low and unmoddable so it often only hits one or two enemies at a time. This makes it hard to build up a good shot counter and deal with heavier enemies.

So do the same thing as with Khora. Remove or relax the line-of-sight checks so Blaze Artillery can shoot into concentrated groups and around obstacles more reliably, and make the AoE radius scale with Range mods so it can hit scattered enemies as a group. Other than that, remove the duration cap so the turrets last until they've fired all their ammo and add some little QoL changes like a visible firing cone and the ability to aim the turrets vertically. An example.

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And like the original Venari, Protea's Temporal Anchor hasn't quite landed the way it should have either. Temporal Anchor is just weird to use; the best way I can describe the problem with it is that hindsight is 20/20 and foresight is not. Right now you have to know ahead of time that you're going to be killed in 12s, or that you're going to jump off a ledge in 8s, or that you're going to deal 50k damage on a group of enemies in 16s, and so on. It just doesn't work with Warframe's fast-paced and unpredictable gameplay.

So instead of scrapping the ability for something else, do the same that was done with Venari and make some small mechanical tweaks to how the ability is used. Make it so her 4 is always recording a buffer of the last X seconds of gameplay, and allow players to rewind any time they want by holding 4. When you're back to a state or position that you like, you just release 4 to stop rewinding. The explosion damage mechanic can show the amount of damage recorded during the buffer so you always know how much damage you can rewind and deal. And like Venari, this ability can be partially made into part of Protea's passive by making the rewind-on-death always active but with a reasonable cooldown (~60-90s).

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Protea has a lot of the same problems as Khora, and she can be fixed up the same way.

  • Remove or relax Blaze Artillery's line-of-sight check, like how Ensnare's LoS was removed.
  • Allow Blaze Artillery's AoE radius to scale with Range mods, like how Whipclaw's AoE was improved.
  • Remove the duration limit so they always shoot all their ammo and add QoL like visual feedback and allowing vertical aiming.
  • Change Temporal Anchor to be always recording and you can rewind at any time by holding 4 with the rewind-on-die moved to a part of her passive, like how Venari had a light mechanical rework and became part of Khora's passive.

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