Redesigned Enemies

I saw this survey result and was NOT surprised by the top five offenders of most hated enemy types.

  1. Nullifiers – 21.5%
  2. Ancients – 21%
    1. Ancient Disruptor – 56% <11.76%>
    2. Toxic Ancient – 20% <4.2%>
    3. Ancient Healer – 15% <3.15%>
    4. Ancient – 29% <6.09%>
  3. Scorpions – 14.4%
  4. Energy Leeches – 11.6%
  5. Nox – 4%

While Nox is obviously there because they're annoying to fight – they're one of the most well designed mini-boss enemies we face in warframe. I won't be redesigning him, rather looking at the obvious top 4 contenders. For the ancients, it's fairly obvious that most people are talking about Ancient Disruptor rather than the Toxic or Healer varieties – so I will be focusing on the disruptor mostly but we'll still give them some love.

Energy Leeches

The solution to this problem has been suggested multiple times. Have a tendril connect from the leech to the player. Make the tendril unable to pass through solid objects. If the tendril isn't connected, you don't leech energy.

I, however, have a different suggestion: Remove the energy leech as a potential eximus. Instead, make them a proper enemy type for each faction.

  • Grineer – Kuva Leech. A large mini-boss found on the much harder grineer levels. They're a hulking mass of armour with two tanks on the back that drain warframe energy and convert it into Kuva. Killing a Kuva Leech does not give you your energy back, but it does drop kuva based on the amount of energy drained. They would be tough melee focused foes.
  • Corpus – Merged with nullifier. See later.
  • Infested – Parasitic Drone. A small, spindly creature that latches onto the player with a short ranged tendril. So long as the tendril is connected, the player hemorrhages energy. The creature will only absorb a specific amount (let's say 75) before it tries to run away. If you kill it, you get the energy back.
  • Corrupted – Takes the Corpus Nullifiers.

I feel this would solve the problem of not being able to pick out the enemy draining all your energy, but also solve the problem of lack of enemy types.


The biggest problem with the nullifier is that the shield doesn't pop properly, and that the drone remains obscured. But I feel the biggest problem is actually that it prevents you from using abilities AND prevents you from dealing damage. I suggest we split the unit into two.

The Nullifier and the Pacifier

  • Nullifier – no longer has a big bubble that blocks damage, instead they have a large backpack with an orbiting wall-like effect so long as a warframe is within that zone, it drains energy from the warframe and prevents them from using abilities. All Corpus within that zone are also immune to abilities.
  • Pacifier – has the giant bubble, but the bubble is it's shield generator. So long as the unit has shields, it has a bubble. Damaging the bubble, damages the shields. Enemy corpus that are under the bubble recharge their shields faster than normal. And yes, shield drones would strengthen the shield dramatically.

Yes, a Pacifier and Nullifier could walk next to eachother and double up, being worse than before – but at least you'll be able to deal with them with a high damage-single shot weapon.


The biggest problem with scorpions is that they are VERY numerous and stunlock you. We can't solve one without removing the threat of the other very easily. I saw someone suggest that you have quick-time like events to cut the cord or kill the scorpion, but I don't feel that's a great solution. You still will face hundreds of the damn things and they will still stunlock you. The biggest grievance I have with them is how WEAK they are for what they're doing – pulling a giant hunk of death towards them.

I suggest splitting the Scorpion into two units.

  • Scorpion – kept much the same other than losing the stun. Instead they now they have a claw that they can use to grab you if you get into melee range. This doesn't stun you, but it does slow you and drags the scorpion along – while they keep poking you with their sword.
  • Walka – A giant mech suit, that the Grineer use on very high level missions. Very powerful melee weapon in one hand, and the dragline in the other. Could also have them show up on low level shipyard tileset missions on ceres. More of a "crap we need to run" type enemy at that level – so maybe don't give them the dragline.

Not only do we get another scary mini-boss we could encounter we also have a reason for not wanting scorpions to get into melee combat with us – and their numbers will do more than simply chain-stunlock us.


Step 1: Remove the hook ability from toxic and healer ancients. We'll give them something else.

Step 2: Remove the magnetic proc from disruptor ancients hook.

  • Disruptor Ancient: Still has the hook attack, but it no longer gives a magnetic proc – instead it simply drags the player closer. That is disrupting enough DE. When in melee range they can slap you with their long right arm to apply a magnetic proc.
  • Healer Ancient – No more hook attack. Instead give it the ability to buff nearby infested with it's long right arm.
    • Buffs could range from + damage, + health, turn them into eximus, evolve them into a higher life form.
  • Toxic Ancient – No more hook attack. Instead give it the ability to create a small local puff of toxic clouds with their long right arm around themselves.

Now the disruptor ancient is painful to fight in melee, but can drag you in and disrupt your game play, the toxic ancient is a nightmare to fight in melee, far better to keep your distance, and the healer ancient is less about fighting you directly and more about improving the swarm around themselves.

What do you think of these ideas? Any other ideas for improving existing enemies – particularly the ones you hate. I'll throw in my most hated enemies from Deimos at the bottom here.


  • Carnis and Carnis Rex: Remove the ranged attack. Make them focus on getting above you in a fight if able, and dropping down on top of you.
  • Jugulus: Reduce spawn chance. I only want to be fighting one of these at a time. Remove their "gob" attack and have them come close and flail at you. They can try and nom you Dune Worm style.
  • Tendril Drones: Remove their ranged attack. They don't need it.
  • Venin Mutalist: Fix their stupid charged attack from hitting grounded players.

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