Repeat Mission button on Mission Summary before you leave the mission.


I have recently been doing a lot of capture and exterminate missions, which has lead me to start getting very annoyed with 2 things, waiting an extra 10sec on mission summary and going back to the orbiter, to only then repeat the same mission.

There is no reason for going back to orbiter almost all the time.

There is already a lengthy 10sec timer, which serves no real purpose. (do enough captures and it feels so much longer than 10sec)

I would like to kindly suggest "Repeat Mission" to be added to the mission summary before you leave the mission, with an indicator showing something like ticks or X's next to each player's Glyph or name, when they have chosen to repeat or not.

From what I have tested, this would actually take off 20sec (roughly 30sec including the 10sec), from the time the mission summary shows up, to the time the same mission has started loading again.

The repeat mission can just reload the same mission without having to go back to orbiter, and anyone who has chosen to repeat can either be loaded into a new squad, or retain the squad they were in.

If the host had chosen to not repeat, a new host can be assigned (PLEASE NO MIGRATION), new host can be assigned during loading screen.

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This feature can be applied to every mission, including Railjack

Bounties, Eidolons and Profit Taker would be nice too.

I think this would be a great QOL feature for a lot of the community, I mean, it’s only logical for a game that pretty much revolves around repeating missions over and over again, to have features that make this an easier process to do for players.

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