Revamped Railjack Modding and the Plexus: DE and Transparency

(this is like 99% snipped from a comment on another post, but the OP said I should make my own, so…)

The Plexus and new Railjack modding are a pretty sick joke…

And absolutely what I expected. They said "it's to lessen the grind and make it easier to understand" but no. No no no. It isn't. It's so they can put more grind through Forma (and the possible monetsiation avenue that brings), and through grinding Endo and Credits to rank mods. If this were ACTUALLY about PURELY making it less grindy and easier to understand, they would have forced a tutorial on the Railjack modding instead.

People downvoted me for saying this before the update, but let's be real, or at least think about these things:

  • Why did the Dev workshop not clearly say about the rank changes/whether modvionics would retain ranks?
  • Why did the Dev workshop not mention the Endo/Credit Costs
  • Why did the Dev workshop not mention Forma?
  • Why was the idea of a Tutorial to the old Grid system not even TABLED AS A POSSIBILITY to us?

Because if they were TRANSPARENT and INFORMED us of these things, then people would revolt on a much larger scale over it – nobody would WANT Forma and Polarities, nobody would WANT to lose ranks on their mods post-conversion, nobody would WANT to have to pay more to rank their mods or appreciate the increased grind that it takes to aquire the currencies to rank their mods.

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So they didn't mention those things, they left them out. The first we heard about the Forma thing was on a Home Time after the Dev Workshop went up, where Reb said roughly "If the inclusion of Forma is a deal-breaker for you, then I'm not sure I have good news for you". That says to me they KNEW. They KNEW adding Forma would make some people upset enough to be a deal-breaker, but that's not going to STOP them, because this update was NOT a purely philanthropic effort to improve Railjack. It's an update that's half about improving Railjack, and half about twisting and adding MORE grind to it using the veil of ignorance that most players have to the mode because they didn't/barely engaged in it prior.

Hopefully now it's out, people will see much of this update was not the bed of roses that it was painted to be. DE is a better company than a lot of them in this industry, but it is absolutely beholden to many of the vices the rest of the game industry is. Before this update they hyped the positives of it, deliberately ommited negative details, and masqueraded negatives as positives because they knew enough of the playerbase was too uninformed to notice. I hope someday this industry can move past this kind of behaviour, but I'm jaded and stung 1000 too many times to think it ever will.

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I appreciate Corpus Proxima. I appreciate Zephyr Deluxe. I appreciate the Command intrinsic. I appreciate some of the actual Railjack QoL in this update.

I DON'T appreciate the Plexus, how it's been integrated, and all the hiding of details DE knew we wouldn't like leading up to it. DE, in the future, if you think we won't like changes, then use the Dev Workshops for what I thought they were for – talking to us and working on making the Workshopped content the best it can be. If you think we won't like changes, then talk to us, or if you're scared of the backlash, then just don't do the things you know we won't like, instead of hiding them until it's in our hands

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