Rework old events into planet-wide story chains, not just boss fights.

One thing that always bugged me about a lot of the bosses in this game is that they feel like walking into a movie in the third act, with characters yelling about a bunch of stuff I couldn't understand. They want revenge on me for things I haven't done, they criticize me for decisions I haven't made. They get mad at me for allying with people I've never met.

The reason for this is that a lot of bosses are from old events, meant to be the culmination of a bunch of missions that unfolded over time. Then they just lifted the final encounter from the event and made it its own node so players could relive the moment.

The problem is that by doing this they excised all the context from these boss fights and then didn't replace it with anything, leaving the player adrift. Put yourself in the shoes of a new player going through the star chart for the first time. What the heck is a tubeman? What are these two old men arguing about? Why is Vor alive, why is he magic now and why is he talking like a preacher and yelling about keys?

My solution is to go back into the events and mine them for any unused voicelines and explanations, then string those out into a bunch of mini-quests that unlock when you first arrive on a planet. So you show up on, say, Pluto and you get a quick into of "the corpus are making super-smart chicken tanks on this planet. Let's go stop them." Then you get a few quest nodes leading across Pluto, each with a bit of the story from Ambulas Reborn, then when you get to the boss fight we actually know who these people are and what they're trying to do.

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This would also help with the perennial problem of new players not knowing what they're supposed to be doing. You give them a quest when they arrive on a planet that strings them along to the boss fight, which is right next to the junction node for the next planet. Hell, you don't even need event stories, you'd just need a quick cinematic about the planet and the jerk you have to beat to move on. The quest could be a simple as "This is Lech Kril. He's got a big hammer, he kicks Martian puppies, and he thinks you suck too much to stop him." and then there's a glowing quest icon on his node as a "go here" indicator for newbies.

What this doesn't solve is Alad V. I'm guessing he had some events that didn't get turned into boss fights, or that have been replaced? His timeline is a mess. You start The Second Dream on Uranus and Lotus says that we have to work with Alad despite our history. Problem was, I had no idea who he was. His only star chart appearance before that was his boss fight on Jupiter, but everything on Jupiter is a sequel to The Second Dream, including the boss fight where Alad and Zenuka have a habit of dying instantly and leaving no impression on a new player getting carried. So I'm supposed to distrust Alad for shady behaviour that's no longer in the game, and Alad dislikes me for a betrayal I have yet to commit. I understand it in hindsight but at the time it was very confusing.

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TLDR, we should use content that already exists to give context to lore-heavy boss fights and help guide new players.


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