Rotary phone style cycling of abilities on some warframes is bad and unnecessary

Content of the article: "Rotary phone style cycling of abilities on some warframes is bad and unnecessary"

Sorry for unclear title, lemme explain:

The rotary phone design of warframe ability selection sucks because it is slow, you have to look down there to see how many times you have to rotate to get to the ability you want since your start position is not always the same, and you cannot rotate counter-clockwise. It kinda makes sense for frames like wisp since you don't constantly recast the seeds but it makes no sense for frames that constantly have to switch between them during a fight, especially considering there are better alternatives (like not designing them as separate abilities in the first place, or using the click/hold functionality to cast the alternate version).

For example, why have that design on vauban ability #2 when they could have just made it so #1 and #2 hold two types of grenades each, one for click and other for toggle?

Click #1: Spawn a tesla nervo
Hold #1: Tether coil
Click #2: Flechette
Hold #2: Vector pad

Basically, generic spammy dmg dealing stuff on a simple click while utility, long lasting buffs or CC are triggered by holding.

Xaku is a brand new frame and it has the same issue, why is a long lasting buff like xata's whisper placed on a single click of #1 ability but we have to cycle through the 3 short-lived spammed abilities on his #3 slot? Make the quick and commonly used abilities activated by a single click, and long lasting buffs by holding the button, so sth like:

Click #1: Deny (void dmg)
Hold #1: Xata's whisper (void self buff)
Click #2: Gaze (vulnerability)
Hold #2: Accuse (cc)

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Or similar thing could even be done for Ivara, they could easily just get rid of the cycling by combining click/hold:

Click #1: Sleep arrow
Hold #1: Noise arrow
Click #2: Navigator arrow
Hold #2: Dashwire arrow
Click #3: Cloak arrow
Hold #3: Prowl

It looks complex at first but once you get the hang of it it means you can cast any ability whenever you want, without having to continually press 1 until the dial selects the arrow you want. Ofc this cannot be applied to all warframes but I think there are cases in which DE are using this where it's not appropriate at all. Thoughts?

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